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For more than three decades, we have been turning bold ideas into great projects. We were the first to bring the Internet to Slovenia and with our advanced security operations center (SOC), we are constantly striving to upgrade comprehensive solutions in the IT field. We operate locally and connect globally. Our group of talented and professional individuals cares for the development and transfer of knowledge in the field of automation, orchestration, network solutions, cloud computing, and information security for medium and large companies in the private and public sector domestically and abroad. Digitally or not, the key to our success lies in connecting. Do you recognize yourself in these words?

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Our long tradition in the connectivity of technological solutions (Advanced Networking, Collaboration technologies, Cybersecurity, Data center and Cloud services) allows us to offer comprehensive services to our customers. By connecting different technological fields and virtual teams of engineers, we take care of the team’s agility and effectively address the needs of the market, and we include employees in a unique network of knowledge.

Advanced Networking

Secure, reliable, and fast connectivity is the challenge of today and the future. Performance and programmability, even automatic adaptability, are just some of the features that have become self-evident for new generation networks. As part of our services, we plan, build, and ensure their smooth operation. It doesn’t matter whether these are simple and local or hybrid. Importantly, they ensure the interconnectivity of all users and other resources located on company premises or available as cloud services.

Networks are key to providing support for business processes and services, of which sophisticated collaboration tools and services are an increasingly important part. Experts who are part of the Networks technology team constantly co-create and check our solutions with colleagues from the fields of security, collaboration or applications, and thus together we assemble and provide the best solutions that enable our customers to do business in the long term.

Collaboration technologies

The experts of the Collaboration team contribute to the smooth communication flow with the help of advanced technologies, regardless of where the company and its employees are located. Our organizational division into technological areas ensures the internal circulation of knowledge and experience. Since success is not only a matter of the technology itself, but of the way it is used, we at NIL ensure the implementation of a comprehensive range of services, including the provision of technical support on domestic and foreign soil.

Information security and cybersecurity

Ensuring safe operations is one of the main challenges of all companies. IT Security and Cybersecurity threats and risks are high and quite real, and every day more and more companies experience this in practice, both at home and abroad. The most experience in these areas can be gathered by those who deal with it professionally and help their customers monitor events, reduce risks, as well as limit the consequences. Therefore, a unique combination of a wide range of knowledge, experience, and modern tools is needed, with which we continuously protect our customers’ business and thus enable them to operate and develop smoothly.

Data center and Cloud

A powerful cloud adapted to the needs of every user? Our experts are aware of the importance of a safe, reliable, as well as expandable information environment for everyone who wants to achieve the efficiency and capacity of the company’s internal and external processes. With high technical knowledge and in cooperation with leading IT providers, the Data Center & Cloud technology team creates advanced custom cloud solutions. We help customers understand the opportunities and advantages presented by cloud services and at the same time efficiently connect them with everything that customers want or need to keep with them. In the next step, we plan together to implement such a hybrid way of using resources. The result is hybrid environments that allow access to different, optimally selected resources in a unified way, regardless of where they are located.

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