Project Scoping

A Good Strategy Is One That Can Be Implemented

IT projects are becoming more complex every year, and they can only deliver long-term value if new technologies are planned, implemented, and adopted flawlessly. These projects require clear guidelines and alignment of all parties on the goals, approaches, milestones, resources and other project elements.

No Two IT Projects Are the Same



Each customer, vertical industry, and region have different requirements and expectations. Each environment into which a change is being introduced is a result of years of development and organic evolution. To make things more complex, customers plans are limited by their understanding of what’s possible. Most inquiries are not specified in detail, which is why the project scoping process is one of close collaboration between the customer and our IT architects and engineers. Together, we can clearly define your requirements, and develop an optimal project plan, which defines all subsequent actions and project phases.

This is why we take pride in our ability to push the boundaries of agility and adaptability and deliver project plans tailored to every customer’s specific needs, methodologies, and the maturity of your development plan.

When the project is too complex to support a detailed waterfall model from day one, we can help you define an approach based in prototyping and constant verification, where a controlled process of experimentation results in meeting specific requirements and solutions (Agile development approach).


  • Minimize risk in project execution and technology adoption
  • Project cost definition and optimization
  • Clearly defined responsibilities to avoid delays and miscommunication

Why NIL?


  • Dedicated project manager who makes sure that projects meet agreed milestones in time and don’t stray off approved budgets
  • Multi-disciplinary team, coordinated by experienced IT architects
  • Ability to follow numerous standards and development methodologies
  • Waterfall or Agile multi-vendor project