Enterprise Collaboration

Collaboration Is a Process, Not a Destination

The world is getting smaller every day. Companies of all sizes are addressing global markets, and we’ve long figured out that if they want to hire the best experts possible, they have to reach out across the globe as well. Every day, companies work with customers, employees, and partners who are either located far away or spend most of their time in the field.

This change in business reach and performance is driven by competition and collaboration technologies – voice and video, messaging, social networks, file-sharing, and productivity tools. Faster process turnaround, innovation, and shared workloads increase productivity and competitiveness. The ability to deliver cohesive and effective communication across geographies within teams and with customers is becoming the key advantage of the modern enterprise.

However, providing your employees with the collaboration platforms and tools that improve productivity is not just a matter of technical solutions. To deliver the real benefits, you must build your collaboration strategy around your users, give them the ability to perform on a higher level, but also control the systems and processes to manage the challenges and risk of these profound changes to business operations.

Break Down Barriers and Achieve More, Together

Improve productivity

Communications will break down silos, connect dispersed teams and improve information flow, resulting in more efficient communication, improved teamwork, and higher employee satisfaction. Additionally, the new collaboration tools like video conferencing, instant messaging or enterprise social platforms, also create more effective and smarter workspace, enabling employees to do more in less time.

Accelerate decision making

Faster and more transparent information flow means decisions can be better informed and faster, as well as effectively distributed to all involved stakeholders.

Increase customer satisfaction

Improve your ability to engage with your customers, impress them with a higher service quality, and offer them new, more personal means of interaction.

Drive new revenue and sales

The influence of collaboration tools on the top line may not be direct, but improved decision making, faster product development, higher productivity and better customer service all contribute to improved revenue potential.

Optimize processes

Better communication tools set the ground for improving operations. The new collaboration platforms offer you the ability to redefine and streamline business processes and working culture.

Lower costs

Costs optimization is typically found in the form of reduced business travel, but the main benefit is the lower benchmark for better decision making.

What we do? Enterprise collaboration solutions for a more effective and productive team.

We support enterprises in their push to leverage the power of collaboration with the following services and solutions:

  • Enterprise collaboration strategy: Tools are only that, tools. They only deliver value if we successfully recognize business opportunities match them with the right solutions and processes. We’ll help you set up and deploy an engagement plan based in the latest best practices and support you throughout the adoption process.
  • Collaboration optimization: Almost every organization is already using some collaboration tools. Where no official tools are implemented, the staff will begin adopting their own, informal tools. We can help you optimize your existing capabilities and transform them into the powerful enterprise collaboration platform that your people need.
  • Business communication solutions: We design, deploy, and support the whole stack of communication solutions, from voice, video, conferencing, messaging to enterprise email platforms.
  • Productivity tools: We work with leading providers of business productivity tools and can help you set up the systems, integrate them into platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 suite, and into your business processes.
  • Communication security: Internal communication should remain internal, even when it takes place online. We will make sure your collaboration platform won’t bring additional security risks to your business and you will be able to collaborate securely, yet seamlessly across any workspace, within your organization, and with your customers.
  • Customer service platforms: Collaboration tools also allow you to interact with your customers in the new and more efficient ways. We can assist you in preparing new engagement models to improve customer satisfaction, lower cost per call, and increase first contact resolutions.
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Why NIL?

Our background of expertise in the complete infrastructure that supports collaboration experience: collaboration tools and applications, the network layer, the data center/cloud infrastructure, and security mechanisms.

End-to-end service and support, with strategy planning, deployment, onboarding, and support.

Proven track of record from enterprises with highly sensitive systems and processes, such as banks and insurance companies, global NGOs, telecommunication operators, pharmaceutic corporations, governmental institutions, hospitals etc.

We work with the leading collaboration solutions vendors.