Cisco Partner

Cisco Partner

NIL’s professional approach and ongoing commitment to being at the forefront of IT technologies is accentuated by our close relationship with Cisco Systems:

  • Cisco Gold Certified Partner is the highest title Cisco awards its business partners for the level of expertise and services achieved. This title was bestowed on NIL in 1995, following an audit of knowledge and processes, and it is verified annually through an extensive onsite audit. Gold Certified Partners are recognized for having some of the industry’s best-trained network engineers and demonstrating the highest level of expertise in planning, designing, implementing and supporting complex networking solutions.
  • A Cisco Platinum Learning Partner (before Cisco Learning Solutions Partner) for over 20 years, NIL is part of the industry’s best network of data communications training companies. Our focus on the special needs of service providers and our experience in designing large enterprise and service provider networks have resulted in our obtaining all three specializations within Cisco Platinum Learning Partner designation: Borderless Networks Architecture, Collaboration Architecture and Data Center Architecture. We have developed and delivered specialized advanced internetworking courses to the most demanding and advanced of customers worldwide.
  • The Cisco Business Learning Partner designation recognizes NIL as having fulfilled the program requirements to deliver Cisco Authorized Training on sales, business and soft skills. These courses prepare Cisco channel partners and customers for marketing and sales work, and enable them to successfully position and sell Cisco products, solutions and architectures.
  • The Cisco Integrator Partner status proves that NIL has the established practices, people, and processes for implementing state-of-the-art customized software integration services that deliver proven outcomes and high customer satisfaction. The designation shows that NIL has demonstrated expertise in software development and implementation, NETCONF/YANG development skills, API integration, and that we have experience with multivendor network and data center services deployments. It also showcases our understanding of service provider infrastructures and trends in the areas of software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV).
  • Cisco specializations that NIL has achieved recognize NIL’s knowledge and expertise in selling, designing, installing and maintaining comprehensive, integrated network solutions. Holding these specializations enables NIL to address a wide range of customer needs, from enterprises and large organizations to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). The focus of the specialization is on developing sales, technical and service capabilities that distinguish NIL as being among the industry’s elite in providing integrated, collaborative and adaptive solutions.

The following Cisco specializations and authorizations have been achieved by NIL as a result of our focus on advanced technology areas in networking:

Reseller Specializations

  • Master Security Specialized
  • Advanced SP Architecture Specialization
  • Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization
  • Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization
  • Advanced Security Architecture Specialization
  • Cisco Webex Contact Center Specialization
  • Collaboration SaaS Specialization
  • Environmental Sustainability Specialization
  • Full-Stack Observability Solution Specialization


  • ATP – Network Services Orchestrator
  • Buying Models Commerce Certification
  • EA Security
  • EA Collab – UC TP PC
  • SaaS Simple Resale
  • Meraki Confirmed Partner
  • Cisco Open Stack Private Cloud
Cloud and Managed Service Provider:
  • Cloud and Managed Services Advanced
  • Cisco Powered Infrastructure as a Service
Other Authorizations:
  • Integrator Network Services Orchestrator
  • Integrator
  • Cisco Partner Ecosystem
  • Security Enterprise Licensing Agreement
  • Accelerated Telepresence Try and Buy
  • UCS Capacity Assurance-Try and Buy
  • Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment
  • Regular Try and Buy