Datacenter & Cloud

The backbone of your competitive edge

Increase Flexibility With Data Center And Cloud

Transformation is the new imperative in today’s challenging economic times. If you want to remain a step ahead of your competitors, you need to respond instantly to changing market demands.

Data center and cloud services are the first response to increasingly demanding customers. This represents a significant burden for CIOs, CTOs and IT departments, constantly challenging them to discover new approaches and provide services faster and at lower costs. The only way to achieve that is to embrace agile deployment models that include cloud, automation, and orchestration, and rethink service delivery strategies, their ROI, and how they impact the bottom line.

Our data center and cloud experts can work with you to define the goals and tangible results you can achieve by leveraging private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructures and help you define the path to translate these platforms into business value for your company and your customers. Together, we will evolve your data center and operations into the next-generation, flexible and risk-proof IT environment that will make your business thrive.

The backbone of your competitive edge

Accelerate business

When we think of IT infrastructure and operations, we think of what your business demands of them. Our focus is, first and foremost, your business results: higher productivity, faster service delivery, optimized operations, business continuity and higher efficiency. We help you decide which data center model meets the needs of your organization, ensuring that your IT infrastructure best delivers value to your business.

Data center supporting growth

Focusing on the right challenges is just the first step on your path to digital transformation. In constantly evolving markets, you must also be flexible and agile. You have to roll out services rapidly to avoid falling behind your competition. Your infrastructure needs to go hand in hand with your strategic orientation – including the ability to react when your direction abruptly shifts. Automation, simplified management, and the choice between public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures can align the flexibility of your data center with the demands of your daily business operations.

Security and business continuity

When your IT infrastructure and operations serve your business well, they shouldn’t ever stop performing their service. Our experts will make sure you’re protected from modern security threats and that your business will be up and running 24/7. That said, we all know accidents and mistakes happen, which is why our backup and recovery solutions ensure that – when something inevitably does go wrong – you will be back at work in no time (and with all your data).

Optimize costs and optimize processes

Selecting the right data center model will bring down infrastructure costs. The lower costs and pay-what-you-use structure removes a fair share of IT infrastructure from CAPEX accounts into OPEX expenses. Costs aside, you will find the most valuable benefits come from improved operations, service automation and simplified infrastructure management.

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Business Continuity

We understand that downtime equals lost revenue, so our backup and recovery services will ensure that your business runs with minimal interruption. If an outage should occur, all of your data is recovered in the shortest possible time. We help you set up a robust backup environment, on-premise or in the cloud, and recovery processes that will provide high availability and minimize the business impact of potential disruptions.

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Data Center Automation and Management

IT infrastructure management and service provisioning are time-consuming, difficult, and prone to errors. We’ll help you overcome these challenges with high-level process automation and orchestration so that your business can capitalize on faster and better IT operations, and service delivery.

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Private Cloud Design and Data Center Transformation

We help you transform your existing infrastructure into the efficient next-generation data center / private cloud environment that will support your business processes and services in the long run. Our experts can assist you with data center consulting, planning, design, optimization, migration, and ongoing operations.

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Public and Hybrid Cloud

Moving to the cloud is a business decision, not a technical one. We help you assess which parts of your existing infrastructure should migrate to the cloud so that you can maximize the return on your investment. Our experts will make sure that the migration to the cloud (hybrid/colocation or public) will be smooth, and that all your service availability will perform as well as if you ran them on premise (or even better).

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