Building and Deploying NetDevOps Environments and Processes

The need for speed

As service providers search for new revenue streams, higher ARPU, and lower overhead costs, service orchestration provides a means to move away from traditional network device configuration management.

A number of promises accompany the introduction of service orchestration, and one of them is typically the agility of service lifecycle management. The reality, however, is often far from the initial promises; a lack of knowledge, experience, development/testing/staging environment as well as the deeply engrained network management culture are all to blame for service orchestration not reaching the full potential. NetDevOps-based agile service lifecycle management and the ability to quickly and easily test-drive new service ideas proves to be too difficult, locking the service provider in legacy operations, unable to deliver new services quickly enough to keep up with, or overtake the competition.


If you are a service provider, or operate a similarly complex network, NIL can help you create NetDevOps environments and processes that are tailored to your organizational character and culture. Our solution uses a proven design for building custom NetDevOps environments that provides you with continuous integration, continuous delivery, and deployment capability, using development and staging environments, source control, code building, and testing facilities.

Our NetDevOps framework and solutions are founded in the following components:

  • GitLab for source control, automated building and testing of changes.
  • Cisco NSO for configuration management.
  • Virtual testing environment with virtual network devices for development and testing.
  • Integration with testing and staging environments containing physical network devices.
  • Integration with a production environment to automate the deployment of changes.
  • Adaptation of the environment to the network requirements (i.e. services and devices used).

In addition to the design and implementation of the environment, our NetDevOps solution also includes consulting, training, and support for the built environment. We can deliver comprehensive team enablement to help your workforce adopt the new processes and fully benefit from new deployment paradigms.

Your best co-pilot

With NIL, you will successfully create NetDevOps environments, workforce processes, and kick-start a new delivery culture. Our approach has the following advantages:

  • Speed: We combine proven designs and our experience in agile software development techniques to shorten the time to introduce DevOps techniques into a new environment.
  • Technology, people, and processes: We don’t focus just on technology, but rather cover all of the aspects of NetDevOps. We believe that this is the only way to successfully embrace it.
  • Cost effectiveness: We practice what we preach, which also results in affordable service costs that you won’t have a problem to budget for.