Data Center, Cloud Networking and SDN

Data center networking for highly-responsive business

As you offer more services, serve more customers and support more devices, your IT infrastructure and networking is becoming more and more complex. The data center connectivity is the backbone of the digital business and keeping all the elements of it in sync is a constant challenge.

NIL helps you reduce the complexity, simplify operations, and streamline application delivery by introducing programmability, software-defined networking (SDN), and automation and orchestration of the workloads to your data center network.

A data center is only as good as its connectivity allows

Reduced complexity and faster application delivery

With SDN and automation, you will reduce errors and speed up application deployment and IT processes from weeks to minutes.

Lower total costs of ownership (TCO) and streamlined operations

By transforming your data center network, you will reduce the need for hardware equipment, as well as gain agility and flexibility to quickly respond to changing business demands.

Robust, secure and high-performance

Agility and flexibility are key advantages of all our data center network designs. They deliver these benefits while maintaining optimal security, reliability, and speed.


  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN) design and deployment: We provide SDN consulting and professional services and help you implement centralized, more intelligent, programmable and automated network in your data center infrastructure
  • Data Center networking assessment and transformation: We review your data center or cloud networking architecture and can provide you with future-proof networking strategy
  • Cloud networking and connectivity: We can help you connect your data center to the cloud or interconnect your cloud(s).


Cisco ACI vs. VMware NSX vs. EVPN

Is Cisco ACI more suitable for your environment than VMware NSX? Why? How about using an EVPN solution from a variety of vendors in this space? Can you use white-box switches with VMware NSX? Or does it make sense to run VMware NSX on top of Cisco ACI?

We have helped several organizations find the answers to these questions and assisted in selecting the optimal approach to their data center network architecture.

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Cisco ACI or VMware NSX? What to automate? How to integrate private and public clouds? Learn how we helped an international bank choose the next-gen data center and WAN infrastructure.

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Learn more about network service orchestration and how it can improve the scalability and shorten the time-to-market for your services.

Why NIL?

We had SDN in 1993 (and didn’t know it)

Expertise in both networking and data center/cloud technologies

More than 25 years of experience and a proven track record in complex IT infrastructures

We work with leading data center networking vendors like Cisco and VMware