System Design

There’s no way to deliver a complex IT development or system integration project without a well-managed and iterative system design phase.

This is the phase in the project where business challenges and the agreed project scope are translated into a clear image of all the nuts and bolts, and how they interact with each other.

Our Approach

System design is guided by two complementary points of view:

  • the established industry best practices and
  • the elements of the individual environment, designed to meet your individual needs.

This ensures that every system design includes the proven and tested stability and functionality, rather than reinvent the wheel, but also ensures much better utilization and results than simple refactored designs of systems developed for other organizations.

We work tirelessly to make sure you understand the system through a high-level solution design, which is easy to grasp, and usually not dependent on particular components or manufacturers, but we also deliver a detailed low-level design of the solution, which allows you to gain a good understanding of the system down to how it reflects on individual features, software functionality, specific equipment configuration, etc. This richly documented approach also helps us transfer knowledge to key stakeholders – our solutions are not a set of interconnected boxes, but primarily clearly defined and explained works of engineering art.


  • Minimal risk of failure in project execution
  • Clearer decision-making and validation of customer requirements at multiple progressive steps before implementation
  • Best practices can be old or new – you will get the design based on years of experience in complex infrastructural system deployment, as well as hands-on experience with the most advanced and current systems and approaches

Why NIL?


More than simply best practice application – we develop custom solution for specific problems, based on best practice experience

You will get integrated design of various interdependent elements, including all dependencies and integrations (we do not do partial designs, which fail to integrate into the organization’s context and systems)

We develop solutions with the customer’s risk profile in mind (technologically conservative solutions for companies where stability is the prime concern, and cutting edge technology for customers where agility and responsiveness is the organization’s strategic focus)

You will get designs informed by industry and regulatory requirements (military, pharma, food and beverage, chemical…)