As Your IT Complexity Increases, It Makes More Sense to Outsource

New technologies and the pace of change are forcing IT to develop at a pace that’s causing significant problems. Research shows that 66 percent of IT professionals feel that increasing IT complexity makes it more difficult for them to do their jobs successfully. IT managers are particularly concerned with their ability to manage the challenges of mobile device management, cloud applications, virtualization, and application monitoring, and increasingly using broad stacks of non-integrated tools to stay in control.

This environment has brought about IT as a Service (ITaaS), a new model of delivering IT services, delivered partly or fully by a specialized external organization. Under this arrangement, the IT regains the ability to focus on strategic planning and supporting the company’s core business, resulting in a technology stack that’s better aligned with business needs, more accountable, and financially transparent.

ITaaS represents an operational and organizational shift which positions IT as the driver of strategic technology development.

A Specialist for Every IT Need, When You Need Them

Lower IT costs and improved efficiency

The ITaaS model optimizes the consumption of IT resources because they are provided on-demand to meet business needs, significantly improving utilization and reducing overall IT costs.

Access otherwise unattainable technologies

Complex cloud migrations, desktop virtualization, and service automation, as well as rugged cyber security used to be sources of competitive advantage reserved for companies who could afford to hire experts in each individual field. ITaaS offers you the ability to use expert IT engineers to deploy these platforms and processes in a cost-effective manner.

Accountability and transparency

With the ITaaS you establish a transparent model of IT service consumption. Services are delivered based on business requirements, which offers you a clear insight into IT costs, return on investment (ROI) and the performance of a particular service.

Easier planning and higher predictability

With greater financial transparency and clear insight into services consumption patterns, you will also be able to set up a more predictable and accurate IT strategy.

The quality of service

Our approach to ITaaS ensures continuous service monitoring, as well as regular upgrades, patches as expert technical support.


We understand that ITaaS is not the optimal IT service delivery model for every business requirement, which is why we provide various approaches to ITaaS consumption, ranging from per requirement, platform, process or business unit, to complete management and operation of your IT environment.

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We provide different levels of ITaaS services for organizations of any industry and size:

  • Adoption planning: We can assist you in the initial phases of ITaaS transformation with independent review, advice, establishing communication between different teams or preparing ITaaS execution plan.
  • ITaaS for every aspect of the infrastructure: We provide you with different service levels, from server, storage and network administration, to security updates, ensuring business continuity and providing resources in the cloud.
  • Complete IT administration and management: Some organizations outsource the more complex parts of IT, and others prefer to completely hand over operations to external service providers. We can help you identify which approach benefits you most.
  • Strategic IT development: Any successful ITaaS adoption demands clear communication between business stakeholders and IT. We can assist you in bringing business requirements and IT services on the same page, as well as guide you as you shape your IT into an optimal engine to support your business goals.

NIL Operate – Comprehensive IT Environment Management Model

NIL Operate provides either management of a specific IT service (such as IP telephony) or your IT environment as a whole. It is is available in three basic packages that can be adapted, where necessary, to your specific requirements and business models.

Management Packages

Services Basic Standard Advanced
Provision of IT equipment X X
Provision of broadband connection X
Implementation of changes X X X
Operations monitoring and alerts X X X
Technical assistance service X X X
Incident recovery X X X
Service level provisioning (SLA) X X
Strategic and tactical consulting X
Introduction of new functionalities and services X
Documentation X X X
Weekly technical reports X X X
Monthly reports and future planning X X


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Why NIL?


  • Expertise across all aspects of IT infrastructure
  • Understanding of all technical, business and organizational challenges of ITaaS adoption
  • Ability to provide public and hybrid cloud-based infrastructures and services
  • Proven track of references