Management at Cisco L&C about the 30th Anniversary of Cisco and NIL Learning Partnership

NIL, a leading provider of IT solutions, services, and training, proudly celebrates its 30th anniversary as a Cisco Learning Partner. A testament to the company’s enduring commitment to excellence, this long-standing partnership has resulted in an extensive range of high-quality Cisco courses and training programs designed to empower IT professionals around the world.

Since 1993, NIL has been at the forefront of advanced contributors to strategic partner Cisco’s technologies, learning curriculum and value-added solutions deployed to clients around the globe.

Christy Faria, Operations Manager at Cisco

David Mallory, CTO at Learning @ Cisco

Tom Davies, Director of Engineering and Operations at Cisco

Mike Meditz, Director of Business Development at Cisco

As NIL marks this significant milestone, it reaffirms its commitment to meeting the education needs of the ever-evolving tech industry and to equipping IT professionals with the skills required to thrive in this fast-paced field.

NIL Learning delivers leading-edge Cisco & other technical training to IT professionals and companies around the globe. Through field-proven experts – each is an active engineer, content developer and instructor – we enhance the standard learning curriculum with real-life experience to maximize the client’s training investment.

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