Private Cloud Design and Data Center Transformation

The Full Power of the Cloud, Dedicated Only to You

Business demands are forcing IT leaders to shift away from legacy data center infrastructures. Many turning to cloud infrastructures, as they offer the IT capability that organizations need in order to thrive: real-time provisioning, cost-efficiency, high performance, rapid elasticity, and self-service capabilities.

However, for many organizations, the public cloud is not an option – be it for restrictions on data location, privacy concerns, security issues, specific needs for maximum availability, or just lack of trust in public infrastructure providers. If you cannot simply adjust your business and services to the public cloud, then the private cloud is the IT infrastructure you should aim for. It provides all the advantages of the public cloud, however you own the infrastructure and have a direct control over your environment.

We can help you design, build and operate your dedicated private cloud infrastructure that is made for your specific business requirements and provides the benefits of agility, cost optimization and flexibility. You will get a secure and resilient infrastructure that is the best fit for your business-critical application.

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NIL’s HyperCenter private cloud infrastructure offers you all the benefits of cloud infrastructures, but lets you retain full control over the system.stesm.

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When you absolutely need full control

  • Built for your specific business goals
    Unlike public clouds, where your organization has to adapt to the setup of the infrastructure, we tailor the private cloud to your specific services and applications. This means that infrastructure can also run your legacy applications, but that it retains all the benefits of public clouds like self-service, scaleable and flexible resource allocation, the ability to provision machines, and changing computing resources on-demand.
  • Competitive advantage
    As the private cloud infrastructure is purpose-built for your organization, it will enable business-critical services you build your competitive advantage on, and maximally contribute to your business goals.
  • You own your data and you are in control
    All the resources are dedicated only to your organization and the private cloud infrastructure is proprietary. This minimizes the security risks and gives you direct control over your data.
  • Security and governance framework compliance
    Private cloud infrastructure is behind a firewall, delivering tighter controls and more visible security mechanisms. All your data is also stored on-premise at your location, so the infrastructure satisfies all major legal and governance frameworks regarding data handling and storage.
  • Pay for (and power) what you use
    Cloud resources are flexibly and quickly allocated according to demand, resulting in high utilization and requiring lower investment. In a more traditional setting, operational fluctuation and scaling demands that a significant chunk of unused capacity be available at all times, costing you money every day.

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The major challenge faced by JHL was how to bring simplification and efficiency into the business.

Learn how NIL helped JHL manage and consolidate the 7 separate IT departments, systems, processes, data centres, while at the same time, improve essential services to the citizens of Ljubljana.

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