Secure and Compliant Collaboration

Great user experience and high security

Irrespective of technology, industry, workflow, tools, or procedures, we at NIL believe collaboration is all about people and how they accomplish goals and targets to get their work done. The best collaboration technology encourages and allows a people centric model, while being fully transparent, easy, open, intuitive, simple, straightforward, and fun. NIL’s goal and mission as a collaboration and IT security expert is to couple the openness and simplicity of today’s collaboration tools with the enterprise-grade security tailored to your individual requirements, industry, organization, or environment.
We are deeply aware that compliance, administration security controls, and policies vary greatly in our customers’ organizations and industry verticals. Therefore, we position collaboration platforms with criticality to have the flexibility needed for the requirements of the organizations, but with the security controls and features that minimize the friction for the users and administrators.

Enterprise-grade collaboration security tailored to your individual requirements

Our focus is on the best customer collaboration experience with a strong security environment under the hood. Our solutions are, therefore, based on the following principles:

  • Reliability and Performance: An often overlooked fact of every trustworthy system, application, or software is its reliability and performance. We at NIL consider the reliability and performance of the collaboration solutions that we position to be at the core of trust.
  • Compliance: Most organizations have to comply with the internal and external rules and regulations. Certain companies in regulated industries are governed by regulatory mandates in addition to compliance and data loss prevention policies. Based on your industry, regulation, and policies, the compliance analysis of collaboration tools and technology conducted by NIL provides a baseline of compliance for your collaboration technology. In addition, compliance around data loss prevention is also assured. Compliance with SOC-2 Type 2, SOC-3, ISO 27001, FedRAMP, GDPR, just to name a few, is only the checkbox framework of the collaboration solution. A comprehensive insight entails what procedures are built and how processes are being tracked and followed within the customer’s environment for security compliance for collaboration technologies.
  • Administration Security Control: The openness and simplicity of the collaboration applications and technology today means that it is easier than ever to foster and conduct communication with users and peers outside of our organizations. Nevertheless, under certain circumstances, we want to make sure the latter is disallowed. Platforms allowing SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On, Cloud Access Security Brokers, Role Based Access Control, audit logs, and many other controls are the toolset of the “must have” for security control. It is how all of these features are considered, mandated, utilized, implemented, and maintained that distinguishes NIL as trustworthy collaboration security consultants.
  • Visibility: With the right collaboration applications and software, NIL is able to provide administrators and compliance officers with precise visibility when users communicate with people outside your organization. Furthermore, extracting and searching for content generated by specific users across a time range of interest is also a viable case. Another visibility use case would be the possibility of integrating the enterprise content management solution with the collaboration tools and software, allowing for the access control policies and permissions setup in the content management system to transparently extend to the collaboration software users in a seamless fashion.
  • End-to-End Encryption: Although paramount for all collaboration software, tools, and modalities of communication in today’s cloud or hybrid services world, end-to-end encryption is high on NIL security checklist for collaboration technology. All customer data has to remain encrypted with a key that the customer owns – all the time. The latter meaning from the moment the data leaves the customer’s machine up until it gets to the intended recipient’s device. Every single modality of the collaboration experience, such as messages, files, whiteboards, audio and video streams, and actions, must be end-to-end encrypted. It is our goal to make sure that the end-to-end encryption applies to data in-transit, at-rest, and in-use.
  • Analytics and Diagnostics: A large portion of NIL evaluation and quality standards, when applied to a collaboration security solution, directly entail the analytics and diagnostics capabilities that contribute extensively to the maturity and capability of the collaboration technology. The trustworthiness and maturity of the collaboration software and applications, including the backend platforms, proves itself in situations when users experience quality or performance issues. It is at these moments when administrators need a reliable, quick, simple, and understandable way to address all of the issues within their control. Platforms and collaboration software providing real-time or near to real-time meeting diagnostics rank highest among the trusted collaboration solutions. Features such as rich quality of service and quality of experience metrics, rich trending, drill-in, drill-out, drill-down, filter, and pivot only add to the trustworthiness of the collaboration solution.
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Why NIL?

At NIL, we are dedicated and focused on delivering the most secure collaboration solutions, together with our vendors and partners, meeting and exceeding the rigorous security standards for our customers worldwide.
NIL, as an IT security company, will continue to ensure the highest standards for our security practices as they pertain to collaboration technology.