Secure Mobility

Get the job done anywhere, anytime, with minimal risk

Mobile working, be it from company or personal devices, has always been viewed as a risky proposition. The fast development of multiple mobile operating systems and the lack of control over security updates on devices employees use for work-related activity makes BYOD (bring your own device) environments almost impossible to protect from threats. Additionally, users are much more likely to use mobile devices for personal needs as well, further exposing them to malicious attacks and exploits.

Enterprise data now lives in both corporate and consumer apps and cloud storage repositories. The goal of mobile security is to employ the right security model, which allows your employees to do more while protecting your valuable information assets.

The flip side of security is privacy. Mobile devices are highly personal and almost every device will contain a mix of personal and corporate information. IT needs to be able to secure and manage the enterprise information on the device without seeing the personal information. This is critical in a world where privacy is becoming increasingly important to both the user and to all of regulatory communities around the world.



Tailored to your individual environment and applications.

No two companies approach mobile platforms and collaboration in the same way. Your mobility strategy depends on whether you have an expansive field force who need access to a broad spectrum of business data at any moment, or not. Perhaps you’re liberally allowing the use of personal devices (BYOD) to increase productivity, or issuing employees company devices to reduce the risk introduced by personal use. Whatever your situation may be, mobility security should be tailored to tightly integrate with your individual environment and applications.

Adequate mobile security, with minimal interruption for your users.

Research shows that using mobile devices for work increases the productivity of your employees. On the other hand, they also introduce a new layer of risk into your business. How can you find the right balance between managing your risk, and limiting the use of mobile devices to the point where productivity is negatively impacted? Our solutions keep both variables in mind, and we implement security measures in such a way, that your users are minimally impacted.

Support all types of mobile devices and platforms.

One of the key challenges in mobile enterprise collaboration is the growing number of different devices, platforms, and systems used. The users also have very strong preferences for particular devices, and it often doesn’t make any sense to limit them to one specific platform and reduce their comfort and productivity. This is why NIL focuses on security measures, which support nearly all types of mobile devices and platforms, today and in the future.

What we do

  • Secure extension of core enterprise services (email, calendaring) to mobile devices
  • Secure and seamless enterprise collaboration across desktop and mobile devices (IM, social, video)
  • Access to enterprise business applications from anywhere, anytime
  • Device replacement for the field workforce
  • Centralized security measures for lost devices (location, remote deletion)
  • Support for secure dual-use (business-personal) devices and BYOD enablement
  • Controlled file sharing, access management, and data leakage prevention

Why NIL?

It takes system integration and enterprise IT experience architecture experience to develop solutions adapted to your environment, processes, and applications.
Our years of experience with multiple vendors and different approaches to mobile security and secure collaboration.
Support for virtually any type of mobile device and platform.