Collaboration Technologies & Workspace

People, Technology and Your Business in Sync

In every sector, from commerce, finance, manufacturing, energy to farming, the way we get things done is becoming more and more digitalized. We rely on big data, applications, collaboration platforms, mobile devices and clouds to be more efficient and make better decisions.

When we ask IT managers about their experience, they usually reply that the complexity of this technological ecosystem is making their lives more difficult, not easier. As you bring more and more solutions into your organization, it gets progressively harder to keep everything under control, manageable and secure. Eventually, there is not much left of that great promise of business efficiency.

The core of the issue rarely lies with technical solutions, but lack of their alignment with business goals and poor integration into workflows and operations. We all know how “deploy and leave” approach boosts user satisfaction. Yes, the new technologies for workplace do significantly improve productivity, but only when they’re implemented around your users and your business goals.

Power to the People

In search of maximum productivity

Give your employees the tools they need and empower them to do their best work faster, more efficiently, anywhere, and anytime.

Get closer to your customers

It’s not just about your internal workplace, but also about the interaction with your customers. As you integrate collaboration, BYOD and mobility technologies into your work processes, you also gain new possibilities to communicate and collaborate with your customers and partners.

Collaborate more efficiently without compromising security

Digitalization of the workplace also introduces new IT security risks. Make sure that you establish a healthy balance between controlled risks and user friendliness.

Keep the complex environment under control

As new tools pile up, your IT will run into difficulty trying to manage everything. We can help avoid this scenario and give your IT department greater control over workplace tools, support simple administration, and improve user provisioning.

Enabling the Digital Workplace

Contact Center in the Cloud

A contact center for providing seamless support and unified experience to your customers across all interaction channels.

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Desktop and Application Virtualization

Desktop and application virtualization solutions provide IT with the ability to deliver and provision operating systems and applications (including your legacy apps) to any device remotely while improving security, control, and simplifying operations. You can run virtual desktop and application instances either from on-premise or cloud infrastructures.

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Enterprise Collaboration

New collaboration technologies – voice and video, messaging, social networks, file-sharing, and productivity tools – increase productivity and competitiveness and create effective communication across geographies within your teams and with your customers.

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Enterprise Mobility

We can help you plan, design and deploy mobility and BYOD strategies, policies, and platform that will support your productivity and evolve as your business grows. You will become a truly mobile organization, where people can efficiently work together and with your customers any time, on any device.

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Hybrid Cloud Collaboration Migration and Deployment

Risk free migration of your business communication and collaboration service to the cloud.

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Interconnecting Collaboration Tools and Platforms

Better teamwork and greater productivity driven by Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Teams collaboration architecture.

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IT as a Service (ITaaS)

ITaaS is the new model of delivering IT services, where organizations partly or fully outsource IT to an external organization. Under this arrangement, IT services become better aligned with changing business needs, more accountable, and financially transparent.

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