Core/Edge Network Optimization

A network that self-adapts to the service and business requirements

Bandwidth is the hard currency in carrier networks. Service Providers (SPs) buy, sell, and resell it, and their revenue generating services require availability and capacity. SPs allocate and market bandwidth within different pricing tiers and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and adherence to which is crucial for operators’ success and profits.

Translation of these business relationships and requirements into network configuration is challenging, which typically results in underutilized connectivity resources (Ethernet or IP networks) and poor awareness of customer traffic and associated SLAs. Moreover, customers’ demands for complex, dynamic, and bandwidth-intensive services are not making life easier for operators. They must constantly optimize their network platforms to guarantee performance and SLAs, but they are often left with an expensive, slow, and error prone heuristic and manual approach to network configurations and upgrades.

NIL’s SDN-based network traffic optimization solution helps you deploy automatized and semi-automatized network configuration processes into your environments. Your network becomes more adapted and responsive to the actual business needs, and you can drive additional revenue due to increased network capacity as well lower the potential costs and risks of SLAs-related penalties.

Add value to underutilized core network resources and cut edge network costs

NIL’s core and edge network optimization solution help you tackle the shortcomings of typical carrier-grade network fabrics and unleash new revenue opportunities and business benefits for telecommunication operators:

Higher network utilization and new revenue: More intelligent and automated network configuration frees up underutilized network capacity that you can use to generate additional revenue.

Create new services: Based on specific network quality parameters (latency, packet loss on international internet links), you can create new network packages for end-customers to increase your ARPU.

Cut costs and reduce errors: With automation you can minimize the need for manual configurations, cut costs, reduce errors, and significantly speed up the adjustments and optimization of your core and edge network.

Lower SLA penalty risks:  You can use network automation to intelligently and dynamically optimize traffic flows through the network to avoid potential SLA penalties, especially when bandwidth is scarce and expensive.

Solution details

Core Network Traffic Optimization

The solution can model the network and suggest and configure a more optimal usage of network paths in your core environment. The modeling is typically provided by services on top of Cisco WAN Automation Engine, combined with Cisco NSO for provisioning.

Edge/Peer Network Traffic Optimization

On the edge of your network, NIL’s optimization solution will minimize the peering links’ downtime influence on the overall upstream services availability. Instead of hours or even days to manually shuffle and reshuffle the network prefixes from one link to the others, our solution helps you reduce this tasks to seconds:

  • Your operations are automatically notified of the peering link outage.
  • The automation solution instantly proposes the best evacuation plan for the prefixes through a simple web user interface.
  • Your operations team fine tunes or just confirms the change.
  • The automation solution reliably pushes the new configurations to the network devices using Cisco NSO node.
  • When the failed peering link is back online, the rollback is suggested by the solution and applied when confirmed by your operations.

In addition, the solution optimizes the peering network traffic between the online links even when there are no offline links. It is also possible to completely automate the process, without any manual intervention of your operations staff – thus promoting the network to an intelligent self-learning and self-healing network.

Lowering the aggregation link costs while improving service quality

A major international service provider was facing service quality issues due to regular, but non-deterministic congestion on their international, expensive aggregation links. NIL helped them develop a solution that automatically detects congestion and rebalances traffic across multiple links.

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Why NIL?


Expertise and references

Our team has a proven track record in automating carrier-grade networks for large global telecommunication operators. Our experts have rich experience in both traffic engineering (BGP, MPLS TE, segment routing), and network modeling/automation (Cisco NSO, Cisco WAE, NIL Flip IT).


Our network optimization solution is applicable in environments based on networking gear from different vendors.

Cost effectiveness

Our flexible and experienced engineering are typically more cost effective than vendor professional services.