Network Migration for Service Providers

Introduce changes in your network faster, cheaper, with less downtime, overcoming vendor- and technology-lock in

As a telecommunication service provider (SP), you must roll-out or upgrade services fast and cost-efficiently to keep up with competitors, technology advancements, and customer preferences. However, more often than not you have to lower your aspirations because of the inflexibility and complexity of your network infrastructure stack – risks and costs associated with device or service migration to new network technology, platform, or vendor simply exceed the potential benefits of new services.

NIL’s network migration services allow you to escape this trap and start harvest new revenue or lower network operation costs. Our automated network migration approach enables you to implement changes and overcome vendor/technology lock-in for a fraction of price, risk, and time associated with classic network migration process.


Faster network migration and less downtime

In comparison with the classical manual process, we tend to automate network migration as much as possible. This significantly shortens the overall migration time and potential service downtime as well as reduces errors in the process.

Shortened time-to-market and lower migration costs

Especially in very large and complex environments with thousands of devices, network migration requires a lot of engineering hours as well as time management and scheduling. This doesn’t just cost money, but also delays or even cancels new service introduction. With our automated approach, the hassles of classical network migration won’t stand in the way anymore to new network services.

Overcome vendor lock-in

Telecom operators’ revenue-generating platforms (such as Ethernet or IP networks) typically consist of software and hardware from a relatively small set of vendors (partners). This means that switching or introducing a new technology comes with a high price-tag and potential risk. Our network migration solution enables you to smoothly migrate from your existing network devices and network services to practically any other vendor network platform you have or would like to work with.

Tailored to your network

For every customer, we create network migration software from scratch. This ensures the migration process is as smooth as possible and adjusted to your requirements, network services, and hardware.

New service management platform

We don’t create just a migration tool; the process also automatically creates a service management platform for your new target hardware and software. This provides you with significant savings in the provisioning platform.

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Automated and controlled network migration, tailored to your infrastructure

NIL’s network migration solution consists of a set of tools and services that creates an abstraction of your network and/or network services (such as MPLS VPN, VPLS, etc.), and then migrates that abstraction to new devices (not necessary from the same vendor). As opposed to the error-prone, time-consuming classical network migration process, our approach is automated and executed with a high degree of granular control and rollback options to minimize the migration risk.

Our solution uses the YANG modeling of network devices and services, and transactional deployment of configuration to new platforms. A highly competitive combination of an industry leading automation engine (Cisco Network Services Orchestrator – NSO) and 20+ years of network automation experience provides you with a customized blend of tools and services that fits your network environment, services, and practically any platform vendor you have or would like to work with.

In addition, the creation of YANG models and device interfaces during the migration process not only creates a migration tool, but also automatically creates a service management platform for your new target hardware and software.

Typical use cases of our network migration solution are the following:

  • Migration of network devices from end-of-support or end-of-life devices to new, possibly considerably different devices (different OS, management protocol, syntax etc.).
  • Migration of network devices and network services from one vendor’s devices to another.
  • Migration of individual network services from one platform to another (different generation or different vendor).

Why is our network migration approach so effective?

The power of our network migration solution comes from the following core strengths:

  • Experience: Our vast and rich experience in YANG service modeling ensures a correct, reliable, and future-proof representation of your services.
  • Speed: Our library of ready-made service discovery and migration tools for most common services and platforms considerably speeds up most migrations.
  • Simplicity and lower risk: We provide our pre-built, proven, simple-to-use web portals to customer migration teams, avoiding expensive and time-consuming internal development and testing work.
  • Cost effectiveness: Our experts are typically more cost effective than vendor professional services.
  • Proven references: The solution has been used by some of the leading global telecommunication operators for device migrations, service migrations, as well as service and vendor migrations.