Sustainability and social responsibility

Sustainable decisions for a sustainable future of the company

At NIL, we do not only want to be a successful business, but we also strive every day to contribute to progress and positive change in society. We want to be a company that does the right things in the right way. It’s no surprise that our slogan is “IT for a better life”. As a result, we carry out several activities and support initiatives that contribute to a cleaner environment, social justice and social inclusion, socially responsible behaviour, improve working conditions in our company, and have a positive impact on the well-being and satisfaction of our employees. In these efforts, we work with a number of external partners such as UNICEF, GZS, Ekvilib, the Manager’s Association, AmCham, etc.

We deliver on promise

Our guiding principle is “Walk the talk”, which drives us to improve and nurture communication with our employees, to act transparently, and to realise our values in line with our vision for a better tomorrow. To realise our social responsibility, our focus is on our employees, our customers, our business results, operational excellence, and positive impact. Change is an important measure of progress, and as a socially responsible employer, we have set concrete measures to monitor how well we are delivering on our promises to our customers, employees, communities, and the environment. We have also created a dedicated team to coordinate and validate social responsibility initiatives.

We care about strong relationships – inside and outside the company

We support our customers 24/7, and we understand that the work-life balance of our employees requires special attention. That’s why we strive to create a flexible working environment. As a family-friendly company, we strive to offer flexibility and working conditions that provide employees and their family members with additional benefits, such as working from home, an extra day of leave, and flexibility in organising meetings. Every year, we invite the children of our employees into our world and introduce them to our work through NIL’s IT Summer School, UNICEF’s Children’s Day, and Open Day.

NIL consists of people

NIL’s infinite Network of Knowledge consists of people, and we strive to empower every employee to reach their full potential. Through training, we uncover hidden and develop the existing employee skills, and we strive to identify each individual’s unique strengths. We are part of an international Network of Knowledge of more than 900 professionals and, as a company, we work with some of the world’s largest technology partners. We add to our knowledge every day with technology and the most advanced tools, and our hard work never goes unnoticed and is continually rewarded. We also spread our passion for technology to young people through in-house programmes such as WISIT and the NIL Cruise. We believe that the IT world is for women as well as men, and we support this with the #WomeninIT initiative.

We have a broader understanding of security

Security is based on the confidence that we can and will always do the right thing. Trust is our core value and the basis for the security we build within the company and within the community. How? We organise our processes in accordance with ISO 27001:2013, which is the starting point for the highest level of cyber security services. We regularly ensure the security of customer information at the highest level, operate in accordance with GDPR guidelines, educate and raise awareness with customers and other stakeholders, and have a practice of signing NDAs. We engage with local, national, and international organisations to contribute to a better society. Among other things, in 2020 we became a UNICEF Safe Point, which provides children with help in times of need and a place where they can turn to for help.

We work sustainably

We grow what we pay attention to, which is why we are embedding sustainability at a company-wide level. We foster respectful and trusting relationships with our employees, build a culture of responsibility, and strive to understand the impact we have on society and the environment. Positive impact is possible at every step, which is why we choose stairs over lifts and tap water over plastic bottles. We save energy and paper and separate our waste, reducing our carbon footprint by up to 120 kg of CO2 per year. We take social responsibility seriously, as evidenced by the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialised title for South East Europe, which we were the first Slovenian company to receive in 2022 for concrete actions.

IT connects everything

IT knows no differences. Anyone can be good at IT if they are interested in the field and willing to continuously upgrade their skills – regardless of gender, beliefs, values, race, sexual orientation, or anything else. The attitude that companies show towards their employees has a direct impact on their lives, social mobility, and relationships in society. We want NIL to be an inclusive environment that respects its employees, treats them equally, fairly, and justly. As we are actively committed to creating a human-friendly workplace, we became a signatory to the European Diversity Charter in 2021.


2023 Sustainability report

You can see a thorough overview of our contributions, measures, and activities related to sustainability in the 2023 Sustainability report.

Download the document