Legacy networks are limiting your growth

Modern approaches to value creation and delivery, such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, big data, digital transformation, and mobility are significantly reshaping the way business is done. As these initiatives are implemented, legacy networks soon prove themselves to be a crippling bottleneck.

Increasingly, these are the battles that determine the winners and losers in the global digital economy, and they’re changing how we use corporate networks. Communication with external systems and cloud infrastructures are increasing, hardware is becoming a commodity, and networking labor is increasingly complex and expensive. All of these changes are profoundly affecting the network and service models of the modern enterprise.

More than 25 years at the leading edge of networking technologies, we can help transform your network infrastructure into a competitive advantage and a business enabler. We cover all the aspects of secure next-generation networks, which come with high speed, availability, scalability, and reliability. We work with the latest technologies like Software Defined Networking (SDN)Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)automation and orchestration, running the digital business operations of tomorrow.

It’s time to remove bottlenecks

Support your growth

Transform your network into an infrastructure that is a natural fit to the requirements of your business and allows you to focus on your customers and services.

Reduced time-to-market

Next-generation networks are agile and designed to quickly add, remove and scale up or down services to address changing business demands.

High performance and flexibility

No compromises here: customers want immediate access to services and the optimal user experience. We can help you exceed their expectations.

Security and reliability

Because the network is so crucial to your business, resistance to threats and minimizing risks is a key priority in all our designs and implementations.

Cost and network management optimization

Our next-generation technologies like SDN, NFW and automation allow you to significantly optimize ongoing operations, and achieve higher resource utilization.

Core/Edge Network Optimization

Carrier network automation and optimization that cuts costs, improves service provisioning, and helps you drive new revenue.

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Data Center, Cloud Networking, and SDN

We help you overcome scalability, performance, reliability and security challenges in your network so that you can benefit from faster service provisioning and easier management.

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IPv4/IPv6 and Ethernet architecture

Yes, the new technologies are significantly changing the networking, but the »classical« network architecture will stick around for a while longer. So will daily challenges such as constantly increasing traffic and complexity.

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Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

A new way to design, deploy and manage networking services for service providers and large enterprises. We help you develop a network that can deliver new service instances almost instantly, and ensure that you’re capturing value from new services faster.

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Network Migration for Service Providers

Quick and cost-effective migration of devices, services, and vendors in a carrier network. Overcome vendor lock-in, gain flexibility, and introduce services faster.

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Network Services Orchestration (NSO)

We help you overcome service delivery challenges across your multi-vendor network, and deliver services to your customers faster and more reliably through network automation.

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Optical Transport

Optical networks are moving from telecoms to enterprises as their medium-of-choice for business critical networks. We offer training and consulting services for various optical technologies, including DWDM, Packet Optical Transport System, Data Center Interconnect, SONET/SDH, and management solutions.

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SD-WAN Design and Deployment Services

Design, installation, administration, and troubleshooting of cloud or on-premises Software-Defined Wide Area Networks.

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Secure SD-WAN as a Service

Business-critical SD-WAN combined with security and an optimized underlay managed and supported by NIL experts and our superior engineering knowledge. Fast, secure and affordable.

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