Public and Hybrid Cloud

Get the most out of your cloud

Sometimes the best infrastructure for your IT operations requires public cloud or hybrid combinations of both public cloud and dedicated environments. Cloud computing is driving value in organizations of all sizes by allowing them to gain scalability and agility, speed up service provisioning, improve time-to market, optimize IT expenses, and focus more resources on strategic initiatives.

How can your organization make sense of what’s possible and which approach to cloud migration is the best fit for your particular needs? Knowing which features to consider, what application to migrate and which providers to compare can be a daunting task. And as with many things in IT, the only correct answer on which solution is right for you, is “it depends”.

You can rely on NIL’s vast experience in cloud deployments and datacenter development to help you clarify the best approach for your operations. We can help you choose the right cloud model – public, hybrid or private – and assist you with workload migration and management.

Use as many resources as you need, pay as little as possible

Real business value
We help you leverage the benefits of cloud infrastructures, which will have a real impact on your bottom line and improve your profitability.

Optimized IT costs
You pay only for what you use and achieve savings by lowering ongoing implementation and operational costs.

Scalability and agility
The cloud grows as your business grows, allowing you to easily scale the resources you need based on your service dynamics.

Faster time to market
Faster service provisioning means improved customer experience as well as an opportunity to drive competitive advantage.

Seamless migration
We assist you with successful cloud migration and advise you with risk and security compliance.

Sustainable IT
With better utilization of your IT infrastructure, you also improve energy efficiency and bring down the cost.

We help you understand, plan, and execute

  • Cloud strategy: We help you identify business and IT opportunities, evaluate return on investment (ROI) and suggest the best cloud platform and adoption model
  • Cloud readiness assessment: We help you assess if your applications are ready to move to the cloud and if not, how to transform them
  • Cloud migration: We help you move your workload to the cloud with minimal service interruption
  • Cloud management: We help you manage and operate your public cloud environment
  • Risk and security compliance: We help you make sure that your cloud adoption meets the risk and industry compliance standards.
  • Microsoft cloud technologies: We help you maximize your Office 365 and Azure environment benefits. We provide complete support for Microsoft cloud service deployment and adoption.
  • Flex IT: Our own IaaS/PaaS service providing the highest level of public cloud security, reliability, and support

Safer, more reliable, flexible, standardized application platform

The Flex IT platform can host your applications that can form part of your existing closed information system or your e-services opened to the internet. The appropriate service level is specified by means of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Credibility of processes is demonstrated by the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates. Flex IT resources are provided by the most advanced, high-performance and reliable IT infrastructure.

Learn how you can leverage Flex