Desktop and Application Virtualization

A Win-Win Game for Your Users and Your It

Every growing company reaches the point where IT begins to lose control over employee desktop environments. New staff joins every other day, some employees leave the company, and you end up spending most of your time just getting them up and running and cleaning up after them once they are out the door. Then the company decides to use a new application, and you have to deploy it across hundreds if not thousands of clients. There comes the point, where dealing with each client individually just isn’t sustainable anymore.

Desktop and application virtualization solutions provide IT with the ability to deliver and provision operating systems and applications (including your legacy apps) to any device or groups of devices remotely while improving security and control and simplifying operations. You can run virtual desktop and application instances either from on-premise or cloud infrastructures.

Straightforward and Secure Desktop Environment Provisioning

Lower costs

Provide desktop and application “templates” to groups of users from the data center or cloud and change a physical process that takes time into a simple scripted operation. Additionally, you will also have a better overview of application usage and licensing, which will allow you to plan ahead and avoid unnecessary costs of underutilized licenses.

Centralize and simplify management

It is much easier to manage virtualized environments and applications from a central location, where you can define access permissions, resource rules, licensing and security settings, which you then distribute to individual user groups. You’ll also see an immediate decrease in the number of “device-unique” issues sent to the helpdesk.

Tighten security

Centralized desktop management increases your ability to protect your users and IT environment from security threats. You can easily define and distribute security rules, monitor and prevent risky behavior such as unapproved application installs, as well drive a coherent security policy across all virtualized desktops.

Improve flexibility

Few companies can avoid using heavily customized, business-specific and legacy applications. You might even have apps that don’t run on some operating systems. No problem. Application virtualization and application streaming allow you to deliver any application your users need to do their work.

Your users are ready

Virtualization might be a very different way of providing end-users with computing resources, but the user experience remains the same. Nothing changes on the user’s platform, and they’re not likely to even notice that they’re using a virtual desktop rather than their old local system.

How Have We Helped Customers Transition to Virtualized Service Provisioning in the Past?

  • Is virtualization the right end-user provisioning model for your organization? We can help you assess your current environment, user expectations and demands, business goals, and virtualization strategy.
  • Infrastructure requirements: After you have the virtualization strategy in place and a sense of how it will affect your users, you will need to make sure your infrastructure can support it. We can evaluate the network/storage/data center/server requirements and ensure you will go down the right path (on-premise or cloud) to make virtualization happen as you planned it.
  • “Virtualization” of applications: We can help you establish the new, better ways of delivering applications to your users with solutions like application virtualization, application streaming, or remote desktop services (RemoteApp, Microsoft App-V, VMware App Volumes)
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI): We help you plan, design and deploy a complete VDI environment, with personalized desktops for your users and with all the security and efficiency of centralized management.
  • Monitoring: Our virtualized infrastructure monitoring tool offers comprehensive insight into your virtualized environment status and performance (storage and server usage, the number of active users, etc.). This helps you recognize and prevent potential issues before they turn into real problems, saving you a plenty of troubleshooting hours. The tool is an integral part of our virtualization deployments. However, we can also implement it in your existing virtualized infrastructure as well.

Why NIL?

Broad experience in virtualization deployment with a particular focus onuser enablement, infrastructure requirements, and your business goals

In-depth understanding of infrastructure requirements (on-premise or cloud)

Strong partnerships with the leading virtualization solution providers such as VMware and Microsoft

Strong security expertise

10+ years of experience with virtualization