Secure SD-WAN as a Service

Fast, secure and affordable

With our Secure Managed SD-WAN service, we can help you deploy SD-WAN without using your own IT resources. We take responsibility for the implementation and all needed updates to your infrastructure and security.

Conscia’s Secure SD-WAN as a Service uses the foundations of the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) concept. This SASE concept consists of a combination of network, security, and identity, illustrated below.

NIL (part of Conscia Group) then further enriches the service with a broad spectrum of connectivity options resulting in a fully managed service.

Like all our managed services, the starting point is always the individual company’s needs – not just their present needs but also future ones. Network and security services are aligned with any strategy for business developing concerning:

  • Future infrastructure
  • Scalability
  • Hybrid work
  • Security needs and policies
  • Total cost of ownership

At NIL, we design, implement, and operate your SD-WAN deployment in a secure matter by considering all the aspects above. Our secure SD-WAN service reduces complexity, creates stability for your company, and adapts as you evolve, making NIL your long-term partner.

In this digital age, companies’ critical solutions and applications must be up and running all the time, offering the best performance to the end-users. This is what companies get when choosing Secure SD-WAN as a Service by NIL.

Our Managed SD-Wan solution is based on Cisco Meraki or Cisco Viptela. It offers your company a cost and service-optimized solution, with a free choice of Internet Service Provider.


A virtual WAN for a modern cloud-based application delivery

SD-WAN-as-a-service is a cloud service based on a SASE approach that makes a modern IT environment uniform and manageable. It offers 0ptimized and secure traffic flows, consistent connectivity, and better user experiences in delivering cloud-based applications and services.

Deliveries from IT in companies today are highly dependent on public cloud services. This entails new types of traffic flows that require new kinds of services. SD-WAN is a technology designed to respond to this from several different perspectives.

Optimize performance with a free choice of Internet Service Providers

An easy way to describe the performance benefits of SD-WAN / SASE is to move network traffic closer to the user by eliminating unnecessary detours. A practical consequence of this is that connection to the internet, the web, and cloud services become more efficient, and the quality and capacity increase. From a security perspective: remote workers are easily added within the same security policy defined for the WAN.

SD-WAN and SASE also guide businesses on a controlled path into hybrid IT delivery, where it enables the business’s private data centers to be connected to public cloud services such as Azure, AWS, or GCP. And regardless of the type of connection used – copper, fiber, 4G, or 5G – it is possible to connect and get optimal traffic flows and improve the user’s experience for the business’s cloud-based applications.

On top of that, it makes a company Internet Service Provider (ISP) independent. With an SD-WAN solution in place, an organization can freely choose which ISP they want to utilize and what type of connection they need. It puts them in a position where they can choose the provider that suits them the best and negotiate a better deal with Internet Service Providers.

Thanks to this, the business achieves fast, secure, and flawless access to all applications.

1st Choice: Meraki or Viptela?

Standard “cookie cutter” designs

  • 1 Virtual network (VPN)
  • Hub-and-Spoke or Mesh topology
  • Integrates with Meraki solution (Meraki Wifi, switching, etc)

Tailor made designs

  • Several virtual neworks (VPNs)
  • Complex topologies possible, for each VPN
  • Integrates with Cisco solutions (DNA, ACI,etc)

Whitepaper: SD-WAN and SASE
The journey to a more secure network

This white paper explains how a software-defined network (SDN) and cloud-based security features effectively solve these challenges. And how you, with a SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) approach, get a chance to treat your entire IT infrastructure as one flexible device.

Security concepts such as micro-segmentation, identity-based security, and universal security policies are added, giving your distributed workforce true security in a highly scalable and flexible network.

Download our whitepaper