Content Development

Learning Content For Your Success

Knowledge and experience. Content and its presentation. Everything counts, especially when it is adjusted to your environment. When it serves your needs and business requirements.

We have helped numerous customers providing them with customized content in the past two decades. Our approach to content development covers all the development phases; from needs assessment through curriculum/content planning to development and ne-tuning after receiving the evaluations from the first deliveries.

We are experts in networking, data center, service provider, security and collaboration technologies. However, we do not limit ourselves with Information technology. NIL’s certified Instructional Designers can help transform any content into a cohesive unit that engages learners and help them develop further interest in the subject.

Courses Carrying Your Stamp

The exact knowledge you need

With NIL’s content development capabilities, you get a learning product that carries your stamp. It is a customized standard course, an activity-oriented workshop, an intensive boot camp with extra content and practice, and supplemental e-learning and skills-enablement remote labs are positioned specifically to your environment. You get the content and obtain the competencies that exactly fulfill your individual needs.

The most efficient learning outcome

ur subject matter experts and instructional designers consult with you to provide the optimal content and format for your environment. Your participation in all of the learning phases (from planning to delivery) guarantees the highest possible satisfaction and measurable results.

Guaranteed quality. Field-proven knowledge included.

The quality of the customized content is ensured by NIL content developers with expertise, field experience, and instructional mastery — all in one place. All of our developers are engineers, consultants, or instructors. They spend part of their time on projects with customers and bring that experience into the course development and delivery.

Variety of Learning Programs and Methods

We create learning programs that enable you to stay ahead with emerging technologies and address the areas not covered by standard learning curricula. The courseware optimizes your schedules, adjusts to your learning styles, and provides the needed competencies in the fastest possible way.

NIL can create the following types of content:

  • Classroom/Workshop/Instructor-led training materials for on-site or online delivery
  • Remote lab content that consolidates learners’ skills
  • Assessments to evaluate students’ knowledge and skills
  • E-learning, multimedia, and other on-demand content comprising interactive videos, animations, simulations, assessments, etc.


Why NIL?

We support your business growth

We help you ask the right questions and find the answers to tackle technology-related decisions. Our consulting team is always on hand, on top of the most recent developments, and separating the daily technology hype from strategic investments, which deliver enduring results.

Our experience – your progress

As an educational provider, systems integrator, and consulting company, we extract business value from the experience gained on numerous projects and apply it to your business context.

Customized training

We tailor our training offerings to fit your specific projects, environments, and needs, which makes our learning services even more efficient.

Learn from field-proven experts

Our instructors maintain practical implementation activity throughout their teaching years. They use their recent experience to enrich your training with pointers and examples specific to your current environment and needs.