Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

Do you still think you are not a target?

While the most serious malware attacks are targeted against a specific organization, and the hardest (but very possible) to defend against, criminals today cast an extremely wide net that attempts to infect EVERYONE, and based on this large volume, provides significant financial gain as malware indiscriminately infects consumers and businesses alike. Therefore, without a suitable malware protection system, not relying on a single “magical” software program, it is only a matter of time before a business suffers significant financial loss – either through extortion (ransomware) or the astronomical cost of complex system repair.

People, network, or endpoint defense? It should not be an exclusive choice.

One can only prevent modern malware by using a well-designed system of countermeasures that brings together several technologies and teams. Our security philosophy is that protection solutions are much more effective when tailored to the individual customer, for which we have ample evidence in the failure of generic, consumer-grade anti-malware systems in the past.

Our malware protection solutions take a holistic view of your organization, and they design countermeasures by using:

  • A clear solution design based on your environment’s process (user roles and needs) as well as the technology needs and limitations.
  • Network countermeasures, such as content filtering, content striping, true sandbox execution, traffic signature, policy, and anomaly analysis, URL and reputation filtering, classic network segmentation and firewalling, cloud sampling, etc.
  • Endpoint countermeasures, such as content analysis, cloud sampling, application whitelisting, full application sandboxing and/or containerization, etc.
  • Process countermeasures, such as user training (based on role), development of proactive and reactive/ response processes, policy development, etc.
  • Correlation of many information sources to improve the detection rates and data quality and, therefore, reduce the administrative load.

If you’re not on top of it, attackers will be

Hackers have all the time in the world to lay foundations for crippling attacks—which means you have no time to waste in becoming less vulnerable. See how attacks are affecting other organizations.

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