IT Security

Harden the defenses of your IT environment

We believe that it is not the evolution of threats that causes significant business damage, it is the complexity of your environment that makes it hard to defend against them. Let’s put your floodgates up together!

How can you make sure you’re safe from yesterday’s and tomorrow’s information security threats? You need to approach security strategically, using both technology and constant vigilance to protect your infrastructure, applications, and employees from the various types of threats occurring every day.

The Information Risk and Security solutions by NIL include the technology, services, and strategies that ensure your business-critical infrastructure and resources are safe from general and direct threats.

We provide a broad range of risk measurement and environment testing services, secure mobility and cloud security solutions, classic network, endpoint, and application protection systems, advanced malware protection, and help providers create Security-as-a-Service offerings.


You can’t afford the risks


  • protect your information assets and infrastructure from abuse
  • ensure IT compliance with industry, legal and security standards
  • maintain a secure infrastructure with policies, processes, and architecture
  • cover all aspects of your environment, from physical security, infrastructure, and applications, to staff security awareness education
  • make more informed decisions about security priorities and strategic plans
  • protect your cloud assets and applications from generic and cloud-specific threats
  • ensure minimum security requirements for the multitude of mobile devices used in your environment
  • ensure that your security infrastructure is managed daily by professionals who stay on top of developing threats
  • leverage recognized security professionals with strong system integration experience who can comprehensively protect your organization from threats of all types

What we do

Advanced malware protection (AMP)

Modern advanced malware requires a complex system of countermeasures, that includes extremely fast signature response, and techniques, such as sandboxing, whitelisting, or isolation to address day-zero threats. Our multi-vendor malware protection systems can provide you with a degree of protection and transparency that is custom tailored to your organization’s risk profile and specific business processes.

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Cloud security

We design cloud security controls for cloud tenants (users) so that you can securely migrate your data to the public cloud, or harden your existing public cloud applications against a variety of traditional and cloud-specific risks. For Cloud Service Providers, we create security blueprints for the cloud fabric or evaluate/verify your current security posture.

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Incident Response

It is not a matter of “if”, but “when” a major security incident will impact your business. Our managed incident response services help you contain incidents, limit business loss, and restore normal business operation.

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Industrial Cyber Defense and Protection

Threat detection, intelligence, and incident response solutions for industrial control systems (ICS) and IoT solutions.

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Network, endpoint, and application protection

Many modern threats require comprehensive protection on the network, endpoint, and application layers. As each layer is optimal for a particular threat scenario, we integrate a variety of security countermeasures to act in concert, providing cost-optimal protection and defense-in-depth.

Network Infrastructure and Security Audit

Spot and reduce performance, availability, and security issues in complex and long-running networks.

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Risk and security assessment

Before you can act to improve your security systems and operations, you need to know where you stand. Our comprehensive measurement and testing services look at your security setup from every angle and find the gaps which make you vulnerable to attack. From evaluating the information risks in your next business idea to identifying vulnerabilities in your shopping cart software, we cover a broad range of risk analysis.

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Secure and compliant collaboration

Openness and simplicity of today’s collaboration tools with the enterprise-grade security tailored to your individual requirements.

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Secure mobility

Support your mobile workforce and help them get the job done anywhere, anytime, on any device, with optimal levels of risk. Establish control over your company managed devices and create a user-friendly process to address your BYOD workforce.

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Security Operations Center (SOC) Building Services

A faster way to design and deploy an internal SOC or a market-facing SOCaaS that leverages automation to optimize cost of operations.

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Security-as-a-Service Design

Various Security-as-a-service offerings are now one of the mainstream revenue-increasing network services offered to customers of all sizes. At NIL, we can leverage our SDDC, NFV, and automation experience to create custom Security-as-a-service offerings, from helping you with service creation to actual service design and implementation, to integration with existing billing and provisioning systems.

Zero Trust Architecture-based IT environment design and deployment

A proven and nondisruptive method for building secure, scalable, and controlled IT environments, powered by mechanisms such as multi-factor authentication, software-defined networks, data encryption, and analytics.

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