Network Service Orchestration

Streamline service provisioning and gain competitive advantage through network automation

In the complex multivendor network environment, service delivery is always a hassle: adding, changing, and deleting services demands custom coding or service disruptions. Hours and hours are lost configuring new services, and mistakes from manual development regularly cause interruptions. Customers demand immediate service availability, so streamlining the design and provisioning of new network services is a top priority.

The solution to your provisioning challenges is found in Cisco Network Service Orchestration (NSO) solutions, which automate the end-to-end lifecycle management of services in physical and virtualized environments. Leveraging the power of YANG and NETCONF, the Cisco NSO solution simplifies and hardens the management of services. You can use it to address network function virtualization (NFV), management and orchestration (MANO), software-defined networking (SDN), as well as your traditional physical network and all of its components.

We help our customers across all phases of NSO adoption – from design, implementation and training for architects, engineers and operations teams

Make the most of your business assets

Utilize new services faster and improve customer satisfaction

Bring provisioning time down from months or weeks to minutes and start leveraging revenue generating services faster and at lower cost.

Save time and simplify operations

Reduce the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual configurations by up to 90 %. With automation, you can manage network changes, modify services, and reconfigure devices in the production environment.

Gain real agility

Create, modify, and remove service instances in real time, and satisfy the most demanding service-level agreements (SLAs).

What we do

Network migration for Service Providers: quick and cost-effective migration of devices, services, and vendors in a carrier network. Overcome vendor lock-in, gain flexibility, and introduce services faster

Core/Edge network optimization: Carrier network automation and optimization that cuts costs, improves service provisioning, and helps you drive new revenue.

Service Discovery for Orchestration: Enable modern orchestration for the existing network services

Cisco NSO training: we deliver authorized basic and advanced Cisco NSO courses that will teach your team how to leverage the power of network operations and management solutions

Strategic consulting: we help you in the initial phases of orchestration deployment with identifying the processes, services, and devices which can be automated

Cisco NSO deployment: our team of experts can carry out the implementation of orchestration across you full service stack

NIL Flip IT cloud automation: data center network and infrastructure automation software that makes creation of virtual private networks / data centers easy

Lowering the aggregation link costs while improving service quality

A major international service provider was facing service quality issues due to regular, but non-deterministic congestion on their international, expensive aggregation links. NIL helped them develop a solution that automatically detects congestion and rebalances traffic across multiple links.

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Why NIL?


  • Started network and data center automation in 2001
  • Early adopter of the Cisco NSO technology and partner of Tail-F, maker of Cisco NSO (former Tail-f NCS), prior to their acquisition by Cisco
  • Strong expertise on YANG, NETCONF and Cisco Elastic Services Controller (ESC) technologies with the capabilities to automate even the most complex services
  • Multivendor support
  • Deep understanding of telecom and carrier-grade networks
  • Experience in management systems integrations
  • Build ETSI NFV MANO compliant solutions