Industrial Cyber Defense and Protection

Minimizing cyber-security risks in industry 4.0 and IoT environments

The security of industrial control systems (ICS) like SCADA servers, engineering workstations, Programmable Logic Controller (PLCs) or Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs), and industry IoT solutions have been hitting the headlines lately. High-profile attacks against critical infrastructure have caused loss of critical services (electricity, water supply, air traffic control…) and environmental damage, and could potentially even lead to loss of life.

Cyber-attacks on industrial systems

ICS systems have traditionally relied on isolation and obscurity to mitigate the risk of digital attacks. With increasing connectivity between classic IT and operational technology (OT) worlds, such isolation gradually weakened considerably, and due to standardization and vulnerability research, obscurity and isolation are no longer a viable defense.

This leaves OT/ICS systems increasingly open to risk and exposes critical services to internal and external actors. With complexity and dynamics rising, things seem to be only getting worse for the defenders.

NIL provides a set of security solutions and services that smartly focuses on industrial defense. Our threat detection and response mechanisms minimize the risks in case of a cyber-attack and enable quick mitigation without disruption to critical industrial operations and processes.

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Effective cyber-defense that doesn’t interrupt operations

Our solution significantly reduces the likelihood and magnitude of business loss in security incidents. Studies show that a detection and response capability is the most cost-effective control organizations can deploy against modern threats in terms of loss reduction. In addition to that, you will also gain the following benefits:

  • Fast (minutes to hours) detection of intruders and malicious code, enabling extremely quick response processes to limit damage and business loss.
  • No change to, and no interference with, existing OT applications and processes in order to ensure uninterrupted operations using today’s OT technology.

Real-time threat detection and response

The traditional IT answer to risk management – using historically successful IT preventive controls, such as hardening, patching, SDLC, active vulnerability assessment, tight access control – cannot succeed in the OT/ICS world.

NIL offers a different approach – we observe OT/ICS systems in real time, and quickly respond to any suspicious or anomalous behavior. Our solution was developed specifically for critical infrastructures and industrial equipment and it is based on OT network data capture with anomaly-based detection using completely passive network sensors at the customer site. By creating baselines of known good system behavior, we are able to detect suspicious or malicious deviations as well as the known, specific attacks against the system.

The results of the analysis are fed in real time to our Security Operations Center (SOC) service, where analysts trained in ICS/OT risks and vulnerabilities react to alerts, and they respond to incidents in close cooperation with the customer, helped by extensive automation.

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Why NIL?

NIL has decades of experience in customizing security solutions for various industrial and enterprise environments. Our core differentiators are:

  • Experience and expertise: We have been creating complex and effective security solutions for more than 20 years.
  • Built for industry: Our solution was developed and tailored specifically for critical infrastructures and industrial equipment
  • Speed: We can engage quickly using our pre-defined SOC practices.
  • Cost effectiveness: Our SOC services are several times more cost-effective than a comparable in-house solution.