It’s Time To Deliver On The Promises

After all the discussion about business challenges, system interdependence, engineering design specifications, KPIs and how they will be measured, and even comprehensive vendor selection, it is time to roll up the sleeves and deliver on the plans.

Complex implementation projects often face problems with solution integration or interoperability, errors or risk in implementing cutting-edge technology, and the lack of understanding of uncommon and niche technologies. Interestingly, these technologies often provide the most value to the company, so their integration and empowerment are crucial to your long-term success.

We actively invest into our engineers and their experience, both in traditional solutions and in niche technologies. We are recognized as the clear leader in the understanding of niche technologies, as well as cutting-edge solutions (like NFV and NSO), where we’re often the 1st company to translate the theory of niche and cutting-edge solution into practice and deliver project implementations.


The benefits of our approach to system implementation are mostly a reflection of previous project phases. Our documented and controlled implementation processes, as well as rigorous testing of components and their interoperability further reduce the risk that any part of the system will fail to solve the original business challenge effectively.

Vastly experienced and highly certified engineers who’ve seen it all before, including cases similar to your specific situation.

Highly sophisticated project management professionals and strict controls ensure that there are no unexpected delays and that any unexpected obstacles are transparently and efficiently resolved.

Faster Cloud Orchestration Development

Learn how NIL helped Swisscom maximize VMware vRealize Automation performance.

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Why NIL?


  • We cover practically all aspects of the modern IT infrastructure.
  • We also integrate niche, high-impact infrastructural technologies.
  • Process and resource automation has been our core business for over 15 years.
  • A consolidated In-house collective of infrastructural engineers and process automation software developers supports the delivery of rugged solutions and clear accountability.
  • Present globally, which means that we transfer global knowledge, experience, and best practices to local environments, and vice versa.