Enterprise Mobility

The Days of the One-Size-Fits-All Office Are Gone


We’ve come a long way in the past few years. Today’s workforce has a broad range of working styles, schedules and settings, and more and more work takes place outside the office. Remote Fridays, completely remote companies, and tightly integrated foreign offices are the new normal, and the demands on efficiency and performance have only increased.

Your employees are used to constant switching between multiple platforms, including company and personal mobile devices. They use multiple platforms in all environments – at the office, in the field, and even at home. Allow them to use their favorite methods when they work, and you’ll see an instant performance improvement. However, keep in mind that extending your company environment to these loosely controlled devices comes with its own risks – risks, that need to be understood and managed.

A comprehensive approach to enterprise mobility considers your people, processes, infrastructure and business goals, but it can be a complex project to implement. We can help you plan, design and deploy a mobility and BYOD strategy, policies, and platform that will support your productivity and evolve as your business grows. You will become a truly mobile organization, where people can efficiently work together and with your customers at any time, on any device.

It’s All about Productivity (with No Additional Risk)

Improved efficiency

With unified access to corporate resources and services anytime, anywhere and on multiple devices, your workforce becomes more efficient and can deliver more responsive customer interaction.


More devices, especially personal devices, always increase risk exposure. With our help, you will be able to define and deploy policies and tools that will minimize security risks without impeding productivity.

Great user experience

Mobility comes also with legal and organizational, not just technical challenges; for example, device ownership, a mix of personal and business applications and data on the same device, privacy issues, different regulations if you work across dispersed geographies etc.  We can help you bring all these different perspectives on the same page and help you reach a compromise that will be compliant with your regulatory requirements, while still providing excellent user experience.

Simplified and effective administration

More devices typically mean more complexity and a burden for IT and helpdesk staff. Centralized settings and self-service functionalities allow many administrative tasks to be performed by users themselves, while business critical aspects remain tightly under the control of centralized IT administration professionals.

United Network of Devices, Policies, Services and Infrastructure

We can support you along the complete process towards becoming a mobile-enabled organization:

  • Mobility strategy: We can help you understand the business drivers and outcomes for deploying mobility in your organization, and establish an enablement strategy that will deliver desired business results.
  • Wireless network infrastructure: We can design and deploy an efficient, reliable and secure wireless network at single locations or across global enterprises, which offer all the needed advanced services, including location tracking, voice and video.
  • Service and application integration: Syncing all the services and applications so they provide unified experience across different platforms and devices can be a daunting task. You can rely on our expertise to integrate your business services.
  • Device management: Mobile device management (MDM) tools support the administration of your mobile users, devices, and applications, as well as a deployment of mobility policies, usage control, and risks management across multiple devices. We can help you design and implement MDM processes and technologies, and help you efficiently manage your mobile environment from a single centralized point.
  • Secure mobility: Poor security can eliminate all the benefits of a more productive and mobile workforce. We can help you define core mobile security policies, establish control over your company devices, and impose the minimum required security provisions on your employees’ approved devices.
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Mobility Is Here. Are You on Board?

Nowadays people don’t want to be constrained by the place and time of their work. We are not lazy, quite the opposite, we want to work—any time and any place. Modern enterprise mobility is becoming the primary way of work in numerous organizations since employees are given the opportunity for a user-friendly and flexible work experience, which significantly contributes to the much-desired adaptability of business operations. See how we approach Mobility questions.

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