Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment

Understanding how and where your organization is most vulnerable strengthens your business security posture and minimizes risk. Conscia’s Maturity Assessment is a full-service package that provides you with tailored insights and actionable recommendations.

How mature is your organization’s security posture?

As your digital footprint increases, so does your cyber/attack surface. A look at the statistics reveals the harsh reality many organizations face. For example, a cyberattack happens every 39 seconds, companies are targeted by ransomware attacks every 14 seconds, and more than 90% of successful attacks against businesses originate from phishing. With cyber threats varying per company and industry vertical, there’s no one size fits all. Although cybersecurity is a must-have for today’s digital age, many companies struggle to identify vulnerabilities or understand what activities should be prioritized to improve their readiness.

Navigating what’s needed to address cyber threats is made easier with Conscia Maturity Assessment. With 5 levels, from basic to the most advanced, you are guided every step of the way by our certified experts.

The Maturity Assessment offers a structured approach for cybersecurity to become a business enabler against evolving cyber threats. Whether you want the Maturity Assessment to be a baseline, part of your regular ongoing security program, or even used to assess your supply chain partners and suppliers, Conscia puts you in control.

Why choose NIL, part of Conscia to perform the Maturity Assessment?

The Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment enables you to

  • Gauge and remediate your organizational risk level
  • Increase your organization’s security maturity with actionable recommendations
  • Demonstrate progress and compliance all year long
  • Elevate the importance of security across the business and your supply chain
  • Encourage the right security behavior across the company

Solution Description

No matter which Industry Standard (e.g., CIS, NIST, NIS2) applies to your business, Conscia’s Maturity Assessment helps you improve cyber-resiliency and evolve your cybersecurity strategy.

Based on your preferred Industry Standard, our certified experts work with your subject matter experts across the organization to identify blind spots by looking at processes, people, and technology. We provide you with a detailed overview of current capabilities and give you an understanding of how to address the gaps in the form of a cybersecurity roadmap, complete with prioritized recommendations to improve your maturity.

The roadmap and recommendations let you focus on what matters most and secure the appropriate budget to optimize security investment. The Executive Dashboard presents a high-level summary of the critical findings helping CISOs easily communicate with the Board. All the details are available in drill down, enabling you to tailor relevant communication to meet different stakeholders’ needs across the business.

Relax, knowing that with Conscia, you have a partner you can trust.