Risk and Security Assessment

Risks need to be a smart choice

Being risk-free is terribly expensive and usually practically impossible to achieve, while taking calculated risk is often heavily rewarded. What are the threats that your business is facing? Which risks should be prioritized over others? Which vulnerabilities in your information system should you repair, and which are best left alone?

We help you navigate through various real-life choices to arrive at solutions that maximize your business goals, with an optimum level of risk for your organization and context.

We may suggest a white-box infrastructure audit, which will effectively uncover deeply hidden critical vulnerabilities in a short timeframe. We might go for a black-box penetration test, which may skim the surface of your system, but give you a realistic assessment of possible exposure to simple, but potentially catastrophic attacks. And we might opt for anything in between.

What we do

  • Risk assessment and policy development
  • External IT security assessment
  • Internal IT security assessment
  • Web application security assessment
  • E-banking/E-commerce PCI-DSS security assessment
  • SCADA/Industrial systems assessment
  • Social engineering
  • Public cloud (Azure, Amazon) workload/migration assessment
  • Security awareness training
  • Periodic security assessment as a service

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Cisco ISE Health Check

Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE) acts as a central enforcement mechanism for a variety of network access, policy, and management functions. Errors in ISE performance are a potential security risk and can result in significant business damage.

Our Cisco ISE Health Check service will ensure your ISE platform performs optimally and is compliant with your security policies. It will help you prevent unstable or unexpected behavior that could impact many business-critical and revenue-generating processes.

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Understand Your Current Risk Exposure

A risk assessment is a requirement for multiple compliance requirements across industries. A comprehensive risk assessment by NIL allows you to gain an understanding of your exposure to threats and vulnerabilities. Existing risks are identified and evaluated for likelihood and impact. Risk mitigation is then prioritized for your key assets and systems, policies, procedures and controls.

Identify Costs

It’s impossible to be completely risk-free, and a comprehensive risk assessment will estimate the likelihood and potential impact of identified threats exploiting known vulnerabilities. This will help you decide how to take action to reduce the likelihood and impact of an adverse event. You can use the assessment to decide on future risk mitigation activities based on return on investment, budget allocation, and availability of resources.

Address Emerging Threats

New and more complex threats appear every day, and your business needs to move with the pace of technology to protect itself from threats. The risk assessment will help you evaluate your position against the current and emerging threats, and help you plan for security and cost management when reviewing new vendors and technologies.

Regulatory Compliance

Your organization likely has to comply with local and international regulation, as well as industry-specific regulatory compliance standards. A risk assessment is a requirement for most compliance standards, such as the HIPAA, ISO, and PCI DSS.

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Your IT security is only as strong as its weakest link

As an organization’s IT infrastructure changes and evolves over time, it can develop a few cracks in its shell.

So, your IT environment might have been secure yesterday, but today and tomorrow are another stories

Discover the importance of periodical security assessment