Service Discovery for Orchestration

Deliver existing network services in a new fashion

Service orchestration and automation are becoming de facto technologies for enabling speed, agility, and cost as well as operations efficiency in large networks. Although the orchestration of new services can also be challenging (such as of these based on the NFV paradigm), the business benefits for service providers/telecommunication operators drive the adoption further.

But what about the existing services, build on older provisioning, and integration technologies?

Are the promised benefits really worth all the effort and migration hassle? Can you introduce orchestration to your existing services without significant changes and disruptions in delivery? Can you bring together all of your network services, both the existing and new services into just one orchestration platform?
With our Service Discovery for Orchestration services, you can answer “Yes” to these questions. We can help you convert your existing services into a unified automation framework, so that you can fully leverage the benefits of network orchestration: lower operation costs, faster time-to market and service introduction, and more flexible network.

All of your network services – orchestrated

With the Service Discovery for Orchestration solution you can quickly and cost-effectively introduce service automation and orchestration for your existing services and unlock the following business benefits:

Keep your operation costs in check

Traditional/old network services were not built for today’s customer demands and as a result they are getting more and more expensive to run. By orchestrating them you will simplify the administration, make them more cost-efficient and cheaper to operate, and increase their overall ROI.

Smooth and cost-efficient orchestration adoption

Teaching an old dog new tricks can be a difficult and stressful, but that’s not the case for the orchestration of your existing network services. Indeed the transition is a technological challenge, but our service discovery methodology and pre-defined set of tools enable you to orchestrate your services fast and without significant technical errors, even in very large and complex networks.

Speed, designed for large and complex networks

If your network service is not complex and associated with just a few devices, orchestrating it may not be a big deal and we would advise you to use simple tools. However, if we are talking about hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of devices, you will be able to complete the orchestration in much faster time in comparison with competitive approaches.

Lower risk of service disruptions

Your network services bring you revenue, so interruption related to changes and updates can cause business damage. Therefore, we integrated several control mechanisms in our service discovery solution that minimize the risk for downtime and technical errors when you orchestrate your services.

Support for various platforms

Chances are, not all of your services run on devices from a single vendor or single generation solutions. That’s not the issue for our services, as you can put it to work on solutions or a combination of platforms from all major vendors.

Orchestration advantages for all of your services

And last but not least, bringing together all of your services onto one orchestration framework also means a clearer and manageable network services stack overall.

How does the solution work?

Service Discovery for Orchestration solution is a set of tools and technologies that discover the service parameters of your existing network services. The solution provides an abstract description of your network services (such as MPLS VPN, VPLS, etc.) that can be then easily automated and executed with a high degree of granular control and rollback options to minimize operational and future migration risks.

The solution uses the YANG modeling of network devices and services, and the transactional deployment of device configurations. By combining an industry leading automation engine (Cisco Network Services Orchestrator – NSO) and 20+ years of network automation experience, we discover your network services and create an automation engine that fits your environment, services, and practically any platform vendor that you have or would like to work with in the future.

You would benefit from our solution in the following typical use-cases:

  • Discovery and orchestration of existing services in order to simplify the operations processes.
  • Migration of current and future network services to use a unified orchestration tool.
  • Self-service platform setup for enabling customers to manage the parameters of their services or even order new services through a self-service portal.
  • Migration of network service instances from one platform to another, and even to different platforms.

Why NIL?


We have rich expertise in YANG modeling and we work with the leading orchestration solutions available on the market.

Our library of ready-made service discovery and migration tools for most common services and platforms considerably speed up the orchestration of most of the services.

Simplicity and lower risk
We provide our pre-built, proven, simple-to-use web portals to customer migration teams.

We are not doing this for the first time
We have been partners in network services orchestration projects for some of the leading global telecommunication operators.

We understand large complex networks
We have been designing, deploying, operating, and troubleshooting complex enterprise, public, and carrier-grade networks worldwide for more than 20 years.

Cost effectiveness
Our flexible and experienced engineering teams are typically more cost effective than vendor professional services.