Cisco ThousandEyes

Internet and Cloud visibility for seamless user experience

Cloud applications and hybrid work are dominating the enterprise. The Internet has become an important element in your “IT environment”. And you own or control less and less of the infrastructure that your business applications and users rely on.
Yet, you remain responsible for the end-user experience. To detect and mitigate issues under these circumstances, end-to-end visibility is key.

Cisco ThousandEyes gives you exceptional insight into how performance of your Internet, WAN, or even internal network connectivity impacts user experience. With this insight you can reduce mitigation time and improve your digital experience.

Cisco ThousandEyes Benefits

Cisco ThousandEyes provides unmatched Internet and cloud visibility that help you:

  • improve end-user satisfaction and productivity,
  • reduce Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) and Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR),
  • better understand application performance,
  • simplify management tools and increase IT-team productivity, and
  • determine optimal providers and WAN architecture.

Even More visibility: NIL Monitor & Cisco ThousandEyes

NIL Monitor provides in-depth monitoring of your IT environment as a whole, immediate identification of any deviations from normal values and – if any irregularities are established – proactive action. Integrate NIL Monitor with Thousand Eyes and gain even more comprehensive visibility into your Internet, the cloud, and the networks your business runs on.

Is the Internet your blind spot?

Watch the video to learn how you can use ThousandEyes to troubleshoot problems with SaaS services and Microsoft 365 applications

Cisco ThousandEyes and NIL’s services

NIL can help you set up, configure, and run the Cisco ThousdandEyes solution. We can help you with detecting and mitigating issues, as well as improving the user experience.

In addition, we also offer the NIL Monitor solution and provide integration with Cisco ThousandEyes as well as with other orchestration platforms on-site or in the cloud.

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