EVPN VXLAN Data Center Fabric Build and Migration Services

The benefits are obvious, but how to get there isn’t.

The EVPN VXLAN is the de facto standard for modern, scalable data center fabrics that address the shortcomings of the traditional data center fabrics. Among the key benefits are infinite bandwidth availability and network scalability, availability without almost any downtime, predictable latency, unlimited application and data mobility, and more. Although the EVPN VXLAN fabrics can deliver on the promise and are definitely one of the best choices on the market, the way to the desired outcomes takes effort.

Key challenges

Organizations that want to take full advantage of EVPN VXLAN data center fabrics must have solid answers to the following questions:

Where is the optimal balance between the EVPN VXLAN data center fabric solution capabilities, your requirements, and the limitations of your environment?

  • How to design and deploy the solution to achieve the desired benefits?
  • How to minimize or avoid disruption and downtime during migration?
  • How to simplify the EVPN VXLAN data center fabric operations?

Proven methodology

At NIL, we came up with a field-proven and error-resistant approach that helps organizations build and migrate to EVPN VXLAN data center fabrics quickly and with minimum downtime.

Depending on the complexity of your environments, our approach employs the following services:

  • Evaluation of multiple EVPN VXLAN data center fabric design options, using various architectures and technologies.
  • Design of optimal and resilient EVPN VXLAN data center fabric architectures that can span multiple locations.
  • Implementation of PoC/pilot projects to verify the selected architectures.
  • The initial implementation (i.e. bootstrap) of the selected EVPN VXLAN data center fabrics.
  • Migration of existing classic data center fabrics to EVPN VXLAN fabrics with minimum downtime.
  • Evaluation of automation systems (e.g. Ansible, VMware vRealize, Chef…).
  • Identification, design, and implementation of automation tasks for the EVPN VXLAN data center fabrics.
  • Development of custom automation tasks for change management in EVPN VXLAN fabrics.

Why NIL?

Our methodology has the following core strengths that guarantee smooth migration and tangible results:

Cost-effective and error-resistant

Our approach is based on field-proven designs, best practices, and modern automation that reduce the implementation errors, minimize downtime, and lower operation costs.

Based on 20+ years of experience and expertise

We have been engaged in designing, deploying, migrating, and operating general data center fabrics for more than 20 years, and have been working with EVPN VXLAN data center fabrics since their technology inception.

Proven in complex environments

Due to our experience and expertise, we can help you build EVPN VXLAN data center fabric that is tailored to the specifics of your requirements, technology choice, and integration options.

We don’t just leave you with the solution

We understand it is not just about the technology, so we can help your team gain the necessary skills for solution administration.