Cisco UCS X-Series Modular System Unveiled

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Learn how the new Cisco UCS X-Series modular chassis combines the best of blade and rack designs, and delivers the unmatched future-proof flexibility.

Embracing the Next-Gen Data Center: Cisco UCS X-Series Explained

The Cisco UCS® X-Series Modular System is the latest addition to the Cisco`s flagship Unified Computing System (UCS) server product line. Distinct from traditional blade architectures, the UCS X-Series presents compute nodes that come with a variety of storage and bay configurations. Additionally, it allows for the integration of non-compute nodes, a feature generally reserved for rack systems.

This 100% modular design provides an entirely new level of flexibility. As a result, Cisco UCS X streamlines data center operations, easily adjusts to the ever-changing demands of contemporary applications, minimizes the variety of servers you need to manage, and boosts both operational efficiency and adaptability. In addition, Cisco UCS X offers best-in-class energy efficiency, helping your deliver performance while meeting the new sustainability requirements on the data center.

Watch the recording from the webinar held on September 21, 2023 to explore Cisco UCS X’s key features and learn why Cisco UCS X is the best choice for next-generation hybrid cloud infrastructure.


  • Next-Generation Data Center Challenges and Requirements
  • Cisco UCS X- Series Overview
  • Key Features: enhanced local storage, CPUs scalability, multiple GPU support, CXL protocol, PCIe support, virtualized NIC, Unified Intelligent Fabric Modules (IFM)
  • Solution Management
  • Use Cases and Who Should Consider Cisco UCS X


Robert Markič, IT architect at NIL (part of Conscia Group) and an industry expert with extensive experience in server technologies, will guide you through this engaging session.