Flex IT – Public Cloud

Integrated and secure private cloud tailored to your needs

Public cloud services offered by global providers mostly offer lower IT costs and higher business adaptability. In practice, the opposite is usually true. As everything is made for standard service packages and generic security measures, you are forced into adapting to the cloud provider, not the other way around. This brings along additional costs – deviating from standards isn’t free and it often happens that the final amount surpasses the initial calculation and diminishes the promised savings. While using a mega global public cloud, you cannot rely on local support that communicates in Slovenian.

Flex IT is NIL’s public cloud as an alternative to the overpowering manufacturers. It offers all IT services for smaller and medium-sized companies to run their business. At the same time, we ensure higher adaptability, storing data in Slovenia, the highest-possible cybersecurity level by NIL’s SOC (Security Operations Center) and the support only a call away.

The Flex IT public cloud platform offers the following

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Data Center for using virtual servers, we take care of the infrastructure
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – a fully-prepared Data Center set up for your apps
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) – a backup Data Center for immediate business recovery
  • Backup as a Service (BaaS) – a remote backup located on an independent medium
  • NIL Vault (VAULTaaS) – unchangeable and undeletable backup of key data
  • ITaaS – we take care of your IT environment including daily operations and changes; the subscriber manages only business apps

Tailor-made comfort


The main Flex IT advantages are the following:

  • Scalability to the subscriber’s needs
  • Local expert support, high response rate
  • Fixed costs agreed upon in advance, with transparency for upgrades
  • High-quality equipment by leading providers
  • Highest possible security level with 24/7 SOC availability
  • Data in Slovenia, fast physical access, and
  • ManagedIT opportunity.
David vs. Goliath


  • User-adapted.
  • Minimal changes for subscriber.
  • Reliable user support by NIL Assist with the best SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and a transparent contract. Top experts, local support in Slovenian.
  • Fixed monthly cost agreed upon in advance.
  • The highest level of IT security, also available with SOC.
  • Data Center nearby in Slovenia, physical access possible.
  • Flexibility. NIL finds the adequate solution based on the subscriber’s demands; it is tailored to the Slovenian market.
  • NIL can take the burden of managing the support software and OS. The subscriber only uses the apps.

Global giants

  • A divide among the offered services and actual needs, adaptation is inevitable
  • Completely new managing system.
  • Harder to fulfill SLAs as providers insist on US legal practices, which means difficulty in signing contracts and solving issues.
  • An infinite puzzle of complex invoicing and unknown monthly costs.
  • The user hopes for the best security, but is left to trusting strangers without any control.
  • A bigger geographical divide between the user and the Data Center.
  • Powerlessness and dependence on the giants’ good mood when changing rules and prices overnight.
  • Left to rely on call centers around the world. Long-term process of looking for a competent engineer.
  • Services for managing IT cannot be transferred to cloud provider.

Flex IT technical specifications

The Flex IT public cloud platform is running on infrastructure at NIL in Slovenia. All locations are certified as managed areas according to the legislation. The Flex IT platform is based on extremely adaptable and reliable dynamic infrastructure, which contains the following:

  • Cisco UCS standardized computing and storage infrastructure,
  • VMware cloud platform,
  • Pure Storage and Dell EMC storage systems,
  • backup copies of data on various media from different manufacturers, a good copy is provided even in the event of a cyberattack,
  • Cisco core network infrastructure,
  • Cisco firewalls,
  • VPN routers with hardware acceleration of cryptographic operations manufactured by Cisco Systems,
  • Cisco Network Load Balancers,
  • multi-layered security separation between infrastructure residents,
  • Powerful IPv4 and IPv6 multiple connections to various Internet service providers through Cisco’s network infrastructure,
  • NIL Monitor service for proactive monitoring of infrastructure health,
  • NIL SOC service to reduce the possibility of intrusions, rapid detection, and action,
  • NIL Assist service for predictable quick troubleshooting in the event of malfunctions,
  • consulting services in the transition to the public cloud and the development of your services,
  • Services for the comprehensive management of your IT environment.
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NIL Vault

NIL Vault offers simple and intact replication of your data for those that need more data security and integrity than what backup and disaster recovery can offer.

Learn more about NIL Vault

Secure, more reliable, flexible, standardized application platform

The Flex IT platform can host your applications that can form part of your existing closed information system or your e-services opened to the internet. The appropriate service level is specified by means of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Credibility of processes is demonstrated by the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates. Flex IT resources are provided by the most advanced, high-performance and reliable IT infrastructure.

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