NIL Vault (VAULTaaS) – unchangeable and undeletable backup of key data

Last line of data defense against cyber criminals

Cyber attacks, ransomware, and hacking are all highly successful and very profitable criminal activities – some researches claim they generate roughly USD 6 trillion in revenue (or damage) a year.  Cyber crime organizations are dangerous, highly capable, and after your data and money, no matter how big or small your business is.

How secure is your data? Sure, you have a disaster recovery system in place. But it is typically not immune to ransomware attacks. Disaster recovery and backup are both treated as secondary copies of all data that has open connections with your primary IT infrastructure. Once you get hackers in your main IT environment, they will get to the backups as well.

NIL Vault goes beyond that and offers you the strongest level of data protection. It physically separates business-critical data with airgap and many other security mechanisms. In addition to data security and integrity, it also enables rapid data recovery so you also ensure business continuity in case of a cyber incident in your disaster recovery system.

Benefits of NIL Vault

  • Highly secure and protected data: NIL Vault protects and isolates your critical data, ensuring data integrity even when backup and disaster recovery mechanisms fail to stand up against a cyber attack.
  • Rapid data recovery: NIL Vault mechanisms enable you a speedy data recovery, so you can reduce downtime and ensure business continuity.
  • Highly efficient security mechanisms: NIL Vault is equipped with next-gen hardware and software supported with artificial intelligence and machine learning system that help identify inconsistencies and deviations and alert administrators of potential irregularities, while also proposing the latest yet authentic copies of data for recovery.

Keep intact replication of your data in the NIL Vault

NIL Vault provides you with the following:

  • Absolute isolation of the environment with separate administration
  • One-way communication with air gap
  • Data copies are locked, untouched, and cannot be deleted without multi-person authorized access
  • Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence with anti-malware analysis of all stored data
  • Tools for diagnostics and reports after the attack
  • Isolated sandbox for automatic and manual data check
  • Certified equipment according to the strictest safety standards: SEC 17a-4 (f), FIPS 140-2, PCI-DSS,
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Protection against any other unauthorized data changes, including internal attacks
  • Protection of all types of data: unstructured files, databases, …

Why should you put your data into NIL Vault?

  • State-of-the-art data security
    NIL Vault employs the latest security mechanisms and defense technologies that ensure the best available data protection.
  • Extensive security expertise and experience
    NIL’s extensive expertise with building and securing the world’s most complex IT environments gives us an edge when it comes to understanding customers’ current and future security requirements, processes, and solutions required to protect the various IT environment aspects, especially protecting the data.
  • Field-proven solution
    NIL Vault solution is the result of tens of years of experience executing security infrastructure audits for large service provider, the Government, and enterprise networks and is the answer to modern security solution trends.
  • The most data security for your buck
    Experience, skills, and knowledge enable us to provide you with a competitive service offering.

Flex IT – Public Cloud

Flex IT is NIL’s public cloud as an alternative to the overpowering manufacturers. It offers all IT services for smaller and medium-sized companies to run their business. At the same time, we ensure higher adaptability, storing data in Slovenia, the highest-possible cybersecurity level by NIL’s SOC (Security Operations Center) and the support only a call away.

Learn how you can leverage Flex IT