Monitoring the Operation of Applications

Applications are not just a part of business. Applications are business. 

Even if your primary sales channel is not an online store, the user experience of your customers and employees is highly digitalized. Business, company work, and customer collaboration revolve around business applications. Customer satisfaction, business process efficiency and, in highly digitized environments, business results also depend on applications. 

Cisco AppDynamics is the leading Application Performance Management (APM) solution. It allows you to view applications in real time while detecting and preventing errors. It also allows you to identify potential opportunities for improvement. Based on this information, Cisco AppDynamics helps you understand the connections between application performance and your business processes. Therefore, you can use Cisco AppDynamics to take concrete steps to improve your user experience and business. 

Understand what really matters

You know from practice that if you detect problems with the operation of applications before users notice them, you have already achieved a lot. If you prevent problems before they happen, you have an impact on business efficiency. However, if you understand applications to the extent where you can improve the performance of the application ecosystem, then you are directly impacting business success.

The key benefits and business benefits of Cisco AppDynamics are:

  • Better application performance.
  • Faster mean time to resolution errors in application operation.
  • Automated and proactive real-time application ecosystem monitoring and error prevention before affecting the user experience.
  • Insight into and understanding the link between application performance and business performance.
  • Better user experience, more satisfied customers and employees.
  • Better application security.
  • Complete visibility in the application ecosystem, in your infrastructure, network, and cloud.
  • Easier and cheaper maintenance of the application environment.
  • It enables the introduction of modern approaches such as AIOps.


Features and examples of Cisco AppDynamics

With Cisco AppDynamics, you gain a comprehensive view of how your applications work, from business, user, infrastructure, security, and applications to network:

  • Business Performance Monitoring: AppDynamics Business iQ allows you to understand how applications work from a business performance perspective. Focus on apps that make a difference.
  • End-User Monitoring: How do users use your applications? Understand the user experience more accurately than ever before.
  • Application Performance Monitoring: Cisco AppDynamics APM provides you with a clear and highly accurate view of application performance even in the most complex environments.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Optimization: Monitor and understand the infrastructure context of your applications, from traditional infrastructure to modern hybrid environments.
  • Network Monitoring: Cisco AppDynamics, in combination with ThousandEyes, gives you a complete insight into the operation of the networks on which you operate.
  • Application Security Monitoring: Together with Cisco Secure Application, protect your applications from vulnerabilities and monitor their resilience to modern cyberattacks.

Due to its properties, Cisco AppDynamics proves helpful especially in the migration of applications to the cloud, monitoring applications in hybrid / cloud environments (SAP, AWS, Azure), and monitoring microservices (microservices) and containers (Docker, Kubernetes).

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Free test of Cisco AppDynamics

Cisco AppDynamics is an extremely powerful solution that delivers immediate benefits. It is suitable for business systems of various sizes; it is flexible, and you can install and start using it very quickly.
If you have questions about the solution, write to us and we will be happy to answer. We also provide a free demo test to all those interested. Contact us if you want to try Cisco AppDynamics directly in your environment!

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