OT, IT, and IoT
– How to Protect Your Production Units and Improve the Interaction between OT, IoT, and IT


Today, many companies use either fully or partially automated production processes. Robots, CNC machines, and PLCs are already integral parts of the production sector, and several companies continue to opt for a higher degree of automation.

The advantages of automation are numerous, but the interaction between OT (Operational Technology) and the rest of the company’s IT infrastructure often needs to catch up. Production units are often treated as stand-alone entities and, as a result, do not exchange data with the rest of the company’s IT setup.

OT and IT use different network protocols and applications but share fundamentally similar components.

So, how can you bridge the gap between these two worlds and make them work together seamlessly? Additionally, what threats do we need to protect our OT and IoT environments against? You can learn more about these topics in the webinar recording.


1 Welcome and practical matters
Host: Niels Mogensen – Conscia
2 The Merger of IT, OT, and IoT – Will It Happen? What Does It Mean for the Future of the IT Department?
Speaker: Niels Mogensen – Conscia

  • IT and OT have existed in parallel worlds for over 40 years, with IoT often remaining on the outskirts.
  • Different focuses, traditions, and suppliers have been the norm, but the world is changing!
  • Increasing demands for integration between these technology realms, synergies that must be harnessed, and various security and compliance requirements necessitate a contextual view.
  • What implications does this have for companies, and who bears responsibility for what?

Brief: In this presentation, Niels Mogensen, Chief Architect & Security Evangelist at Conscia, offers insights into how companies should approach this convergence and its significance for various technology areas.

3 Leveraging Cisco Strategy, Architecture, and Portfolio to Ensure the Success of IT/OT Convergence
Speaker: Pascal Eymin

  • Identifying Organizational and Human Issues
  • Presenting Key Benefits of IT-OT Convergence
  • Defining the Process: Establishing a Solid Roadmap for Convergence
  • The Need for a Capable Consulting Partner to Guide Every Step, Beginning with the Assessment of the OT Environment

Brief: Pascal Eymin, EMEA Channel Business Development Manager at Cisco, will guide you through the comprehensive path to better prepare for the new reality of converging IT/OT operations. He will also highlight the main challenges customers may encounter along the way.

4 Cisco OT Solutions
Speaker: Onur Yalcinkaya – Cisco

  • How to Build a Secure IT/OT/IoT Network and Understand Its Components.
  • Cisco in OT: If You Care About It, Cisco Connects It!
  • Securely Connect Assets, Applications, and Data in Real Time to Enable Transformative Business Changes in Non-Carpeted Spaces.

Brief: Join Onur Yalcinkaya, Technical Solutions Architect from Cisco, as he guides you through Cisco’s OT portfolio, showcasing the latest and greatest IoT products and solutions from Cisco.

5 Why Choose Cisco?
Speaker: Pavel Zhokin – Cisco

  • Isn’t Cisco Just a Vendor of Enterprise Networks? What Role Do They Play in OT and IoT?
  • Addressing key differentiation factors of Cisco OT solutions tuned for OT needs.
  • Importance of Alignment Between Cisco and Ecosystem Partners to Deliver Field-Proven Network Designs with Embedded Security Capabilities (Cisco Validated Designs).

Brief: Join Pavel Zhokin, Routes-to-Market Sales Specialist from Cisco, as he delves into Cisco’s two-decade history of providing customized solutions for OT. Discover how Cisco’s approach to meeting OT requirements differs from the traditional IT segment, ensuring smooth operations and aligning with OT Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

6 Q&A and Roundup
Host: Niels Mogensen – Conscia