6connect ProVision™ integration with VMware vRealize

NIL helps 6connect address VMware vRealize customers

6connect is a leader in network infrastructure automation & provisioning for telecommunication operators/Service Providers and Enterprises. Their revolutionary 6connect ProVision platform accelerates the service delivery time, accurately provisions complex network protocols, and dramatically reduces the network complexity and costs. For automation software vendors, having a large ecosystem of integrations is crucial for their revenue generation: the more platforms they cover, the bigger the market appeal and customer base are.

Developing such integrations, however, is neither easy nor cheap. It requires specific expertise and a considerable amount of time and testing, especially if your aim is to create integrations that provide robust, enterprise-class operation. However, in reality, competitors don’t rest or take breaks. This means that the go-to market time is short, solution deliveries need to be fast, and reliability is crucial.

We need VMware vRealize integration, fast. Actually, we needed it yesterday.

In recent years, 6connect has rapidly expanded the functionalities of the ProVision platform and customer base. Integrations and feature improvements occur as Modules, Plug-ins, or Connectors. Many of 6connect’s customers are also using the VMware vRealize Orchestrator for managing virtualized hardware and automating recurring workflows. Integrating ProVision and VMware vRealize enables 6connect’s customers to extend the network service automation footprint in their infrastructures and further streamline IT operations and lower administration costs.

With customer requests for VMware vRealize support and 6connect’s aggressive road map for ProVision, it made sense to look at the options on how to quickly and cost-efficiently develop the ProVision integration interface to the VMware vRealize platform. Developing the Plug-in internally would require significant time and effort to achieve the go-to market time goals, in addition to requiring extensive experience with the nuances of the VMware vRealize platform. Instead, they looked for an integration partner that would help them complete this task.

Customer expectations were met and the competitive advantage was increased

6connect approached NIL due to our extensive experience with and expertise in automation software and agile development as well as our deep understanding of the VMware vRealize platform, built on 15 years of software development experience using the VMware vRealize Automation platform and its predecessors. Moreover, we also have an understanding of the ProVision solution, its capabilities as a powerful DDI provisioning platform, and practical experience with integrating it in large cloud environments.

Developing such an integration in-house would have taken us months and potentially sacrificed code quality, as it would require us to conduct significant VMware-specific research and experience-gathering. NIL’s team has true experts in VMware products and the 6connect ProVision API, so we were able to start development immediately. It was a great project with a professional team that delivered as they promised – it really felt like they were an extension of our own development team. I highly recommend them for anything VMware vRealize-related.

Pete Sclafani, COO and Co-founder, 6connect

The selection of NIL as a partner was the right choice. The production-grade VMware vRealize integration interface for ProVision was provided on time and on budget. The development consisted of several steps, including deployment to a pilot cloud customer, first as a proof-of-concept, and later for production use. All were successfully completed and 6connect was able to meet their customer’s expectations as well as increase the solution’s market appeal for new clients.

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