Faster cloud orchestration development

Nil helps swisscom maximize vmware vrealize automation performance

Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecommunication operator. The company together with its Italian subsidiary employs over 20,000 people who generate around €10 billion in yearly revenue. Swisscom doesn’t tolerate any compromise when it comes to ensuring customer needs; it focuses on service and quality and invests massively in the networks of the future. Swisscom wants their customers to feel secure and at ease, allowing them to concentrate on their core business and discover new possibilities.

Following this strategy, Swisscom integrates networks and security solutions with cloud platforms in Switzerland and abroad. Managed services, such as Managed OS or databases, for example, ensure that the infrastructure services always remain up-to-date with a high degree of automation. In the SAP environment, there are specific services available to customers that want to have their SAP solution – hosted in Switzerland – operated with a high degree of automation.

How to speed up the development of a large cloud orchestration system?

As Swisscom was building a new generation of enterprise cloud for its key customers, it wanted to use a cloud fabric that caters well to enterprise customers and that is scalable and flexible in its operations model. Their choice for this hybrid cloud architecture was the VMware vRealize Suite, specifically the VMware vRealize Automation platform. Swisscom used it to orchestrate and manage all virtualized resources required to combine and automate their service catalog components.

The go-to market plan was short, so Swisscom had to speed up the development of the new cloud fabric. They saw an opportunity for saving time in the orchestration engine development, but they needed external consultants to quickly combine their efforts with Swisscom’s team of VMware vRealize Automation experts.

Expertise and great collaboration

Swisscom and NIL share the excitement about automation and belief that it leads to cost-efficiency, standardization, and stability. This common ground and NIL’s expertise in VMware’s orchestration tools and APIs, agile software development team, and long-standing partnership with VMware convinced Swisscom to choose NIL for this cloud automation project.

“We looked for a partner with expertise and experience in VMware vRealize Automation development that would be able to quickly join the project and start working with our team. I am very satisfied with NIL and their turnaround on tasks, collaborative attitude, and insights and opinions.”Ned Vasic, RTE Enterprise Service Cloud, Swisscom

NIL’s services consisted of consultations and software development. Our experts worked together with Swisscom’s team on the development of orchestration functions using the VMware vRealize orchestration engine. NIL’s main added value was experience in VMware vRealize that helped avoid the typical pitfalls in the development process, resulting in a much faster progress and maximized use of the platform. In addition, Swisscom’s team also gained the practical knowledge of the VMware vRealize that enables them to successfully operate and administer the solution.