Strategies for Future-proof IT Infrastructure Management

Explore modern strategies in IT infrastructure management. Discover how to navigate complex integrations, optimize resources, and automate effectively, all while avoiding vendor lock-in. Learn to future-proof your enterprise IT and enable your business to thrive.

Navigating the Storm: Balancing Growth, Costs, and Efficiency in Enterprise IT Environments

Modern enterprise grade IT infrastructures are in a way like climate. Very complex and thus nearly impossible to manage. And when something doesn’t go right, CIOs, IT managers and IT professionals, like weathermen, take the blame for it.

To take this a bit exaggerated analogy even further, the tech-debt and legacy processes often result in harsh (IT) environments that are not agile and can`t keep up with the organizational requirements.
But the business expects that IT environment will support and in a way even enable the future growth. All that while keeping costs under control, improving service delivery, avoiding vendor lock-in and more, with – typically – understaffed team.

In our webinar Strategies for future-proof IT Infrastructure Management we discussed approaches for improving and simplifying IT infrastructure management.

You will learn about trends that are shaping delivery of IT services today and key challenges our customers face when it comes to on-premise IT automation, public or community cloud management and even hybrid-cloud administration. We also addressed the topic of automation and wrapped it up with suggestions for how to get more control over our IT infrastructures and how to operate them more efficiently and with less stress.

Session highlights

  • Expectations of modern enterprise IT infrastructures
  • Complexity of integrations – on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments
  • Avoiding vendor-lock in – unifying and simplifying management across platforms (vSphere, Azure, AWS, GCP)
  • Resource optimization, automation and scalability across all environments and according to unified policies
  • Ensuring approval transparency and policy enforcement for simplified audits