4 Cisco Instructor Excellence Awards for NIL Learning’s CCSIs

Cisco’s Distinguished Instructor Awards and Instructor Excellence Awards recognize outstanding Certified Cisco Systems Instructors (CCSIs) who provide the highest learning experience.

We are proud to announce that 4 NIL Learning’s instructors are among the recipients of the 2024 Cisco Instructor Awards. 4 of our Certified Cisco Systems Instructors (CCSI) have received the Cisco Instructor Excellence Award and one also received the Distinguished Instructor Award.

The 2024 Instructor Excellence Award recognizes the top elite CCSIs for delivering top quality training and maintaining high customer satisfaction in their field of expertise throughout 2023. To qualify for this award, CCSIs must have a 4.8 customer satisfaction rating and receive the minimum number of evaluations collected in each technology area. The minimum number of evaluations varies based upon the average number of responses collected in each technology.

Instructor Excellence Award Recipients

The 2024 Distinguished Instructor Award recognizes Cisco’s top 5% most influential CCSI’s who provide the highest quality training experience and demonstrate the best overall instructor performance across multiple Cisco technologies, as measured by the customer satisfaction survey throughout 2023. Their dedication, effort, and commitment to Cisco is unparalleled.

Distinguished Instructor Award Recipient

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