Cybersecurity in the AI Era


This  webinar explored how AI-driven cyber risks are reshaping cybersecurity strategies and demonstrated how to use AI for more effective cyber defense.

Redefining Digital Defense for the AI-powered Cybercriminals

As cybercriminals increasingly harness artificial intelligence (AI) for cyber-attacks, businesses face new and different threats. Join our expert speakers as they delve into the practical applications of AI in cybersecurity, focusing on how organizations can use AI for lowering cyber risks and secure their businesses.

From understanding AI’s role in enhancing cybersecurity defences to exploring its use in attack strategies, this recording offers valuable insights for every CISO, Information Security professional, or anyone interested in cybersecurity.

Session Highlights

  • The New Frontier of Cyber Threats: Learn how AI in cybercrime is contributing to a rise in both the volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks.
  • AI-Driven Cyber Defense: Understand how AI technologies can transform established cybersecurity tactics, offering more robust and proactive defense strategies.
  • Practical Applications of AI in Cybersecurity: See how can we leverage AI in the Security Operations Center and use it for tasks like extraction, tagging, AutoGen (Multi-agent Conversational Framework) in order to improve efficiency and precision.
  • Role of Cybersecurity Professionals in AI Integration: Gain insights into how the role of cybersecurity experts is evolving with the integration of AI in security frameworks.

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Watch the recording of a webinar delving into the role of Artificial Intelligence in cybersecurity.


  • Erik Hren, Cybersecurity Analyst, NIL (part of Conscia Group)
  • Jernej Galjanič, Cybersecurity Analyst, NIL (part of Conscia Group)