Cloud Security Assessment

Clouds are not secure by default

Cost-efficiency, flexibility, and agility drive many organizations to migrate parts of their businesses into the cloud. Inevitably, this introduces new security risks related to storing, accessing, processing, and transferring your sensitive data. The risk increases significantly when cloud adoption is poorly planned and performed ad hoc by untrained professionals or without continuous compliance verification, thereby leading to the growth of shadow IT and major cloud-related incidents.

To help you bring these risks down to acceptable levels, NIL offers thorough cloud security assessment services that identify security threats in your cloud consumption and provide you with a cost-efficient mitigation blueprint.

Leverage cloud services with acceptable risk

Thorough risk assessment of your cloud environment

Our service is applicable to all major cloud providers and their services, so it is able to spot security risks in the majority of your IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS cloud services. In addition, we also give special attention to users, as the service is designed to highlight the typical harmful user mistakes and practices.

Actionable and efficient cloud risk reduction plan

The main result of the cloud security assessment is a prioritized actionable plan that allows you to reduce the identified risks to acceptable levels as fast as possible.

Extended activity monitoring period

We not only take a snapshot of the current cloud setup. We actively monitor cloud activity for an extended period of time, thereby allowing us to detect ongoing incidents.


Due to pre-defined processes and tools, our cloud security assessment is highly competitive through a cost perspective.

Security check of your IAAS, PAAS, or SAAS services

We perform a comprehensive assessment of the security risks in your live cloud environment (the service is applicable to all major IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS providers). The final outcome of the services is an actionable plan for eliminating and reducing the threats.

The service consists of robust process and automated tools for scalability, built on our expertise and experience in cloud security and penetration testing. The assessment covers the following:

  • Examination of your security policies related to cloud use, and their implementation using cloud-native, SecaaS, or classic controls.
  • Examination of the available Cloud Service Provider security controls and their effective use by your organization.
  • Monitoring of cloud usage for an extended period of time (typically one month), and analysis of cloud user behavior with UEBA analytics.
  • Detailed analysis of policy, implemented controls, gaps, user behavior, and detected incidents.
  • Report on the identified risks and detailed recommendations for their mitigation.