Upright Music maintains leading position in the market with a scalable cloud solution

Conscia helped Upright Music throughout the design phase with both High- and Low-Level design for their AWS Cloud platform solution.

Through their expertise in music and user rights for films, documentaries, TV productions, and advertisements, Upright Music helps their customers through all phases, from initial ideas to full production. As a growing company with much interaction with customers taking place online, Upright Music requires a scalable and reliable cloud solution. At the same time, it is vital for Upright Music that their development team has a platform that makes it easy to develop their digital solution further and maintain their leading position in the market.

Compliance, governance, and security with Control Tower

Upright Music has chosen the AWS Cloud platform because AWS offers a wide range of services delivered on a globally leading and secure infrastructure. The overall solution is based on a wide range of AWS Services, with the greatest possible use of robust and scalable Managed Services. In addition, AWS Control Tower ensures continuous compliance, governance, and high security in a multi-account infrastructure.

Collaborative partner from design to operation

Conscia’s cloud team has helped Upright Music throughout the design phase with both High-Level and Low-Level design and acted as a trusted partner to Upright Music’s development department in general. Conscia also helps the customer continue their cloud journey with assistance and input for future database migrations from the customer’s previous solution to the new AWS solution. In addition, Conscia provides operational support to ensure uptime and rapid handling of challenges.

AWS components in Upright Music’s cloud solution

The solution includes AWS RDS for various database tasks. For maximum security, RDS is set up with encryption using AWS KMS, which the respective AWS IAM roles have access to through policies.

The customer uses AWS Fargate, a fully managed serverless compute service for containers. The security around AWS Fargate is controlled through VPCs, where each task is assigned a Security Group that gives them access to the database based on defined container credentials.

For storage, AWS S3 is used to store versioned files. To optimize costs, a lifecycle policy is configured to automatically move files to AWS Glacier after a defined period of time.

The entire process takes place in AWS CodePipeline, a Continuous Delivery pipeline. This pipeline is “self-mutating,” which means that when it detects a change, it updates itself, making it easy to add more “tasks” simply by adding code.

The entire update and maintenance process has been simplified so that changes can be implemented safely via code, with the possibility of rollback.

About Upright Music

For over 20 years, Upright Music has provided music and various supporting services to film, advertisement, TV productions, and digital media. They are among the leading independent music providers in Northern Europe and offer help finding the proper music for all kinds of productions and assistance with user rights and other legal matters. In addition, they have an extensive and varied music catalog with many exclusive tracks and offer custom compositions for specific needs.