Dissecting Russian State-sponsored Threat Actors

Who are the Russian-state sponsored hackers that fight in cyber-war in Ukraine, what techniques are they using and how (if) you should prepare your cyber-defenses for these attacks and threats? Download the whitepaper Dissecting Russian State-sponsored Threat Actors by David Kasabji to find out about the most important threat intelligence from this cyber-war and recommended mitigation approaches.

In April 2022, CISA released a joint Cybersecurity Advisory to warn organizations that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could expose organizations, also beyond the region, to increased malicious cyber activity. This is something that we at Conscia ThreatInsights anticipated already a month ago when we held a webinar about cyberwarfare and its implications on the broader community.

It is just a matter of time until the cyber-attacks spread around the globe. We already reported the new custom-developed malware targeting ICS and SCADA devices specifically. The joint CSA gives us great insights into Russian State-sponsored Threat Actors – the intelligence we were able to gather so far throughout the history of cyber-attacks. Such insights are crucial if we tend to successfully defend ourselves against potential future threats. The intelligence provided gives us the ability to know what kind of threat actors to expect, what are their typical TTPs and moreover, how to strengthen our cyber defenses.

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