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Make your business more secure with the Zero Trust Architecture

Zero Trust is a security model that assumes all users, devices, and applications within a network are untrusted until authenticated and verified, and it involves various security technologies like multifactor authentication and network segmentation to control access to sensitive resources, regardless of the user’s location or device. This approach ensures only authorized users and devices are granted access, minimizing the risk of data loss or unauthorized access.

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Benefits of implementing the Identity and Access service

  • Implementation of Identity as the primary security perimeter
  • Centralization of identity management and governance
  • Single sign-on authentication for on-premises and cloud applications
  • Controlled access to applications and other resources based on the specified conditions
  • Secure multi-factor authentication for all users
  • Option of password-less and phishing-resistant authentication methods
  • Centralized, policy-based password management
  • Automation of detection and remediation of identity-based risks
  • Management and lowering of the exposure of privileged accounts and access
  • Secure remote access to on-premises web applications
  • Integration of private key infrastructure into identity services
  • Integration of different or external identities and identity providers
  • Role-based access control

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  • Zero Trust architecture
  • An established and validated approach to Zero Trust
  • Market Leading Technology Combined with NIL
    Expert Team
  • True Cooperation for actual Cost- and Risk Optimization
  • Benefits of implementing the Identity and Access service
  • Zero Trust Architecture: Managed Identity and Access Building Blocks

When it comes to Zero Trust Architectures, NIL works with leading and well-proven technologies.
Microsoft, with its Identity and Access Management technologies, based on Microsoft Azure Active
Directory, has been recognized as a leader in Gartner 2022 Magic Quadrant for Access management for
the sixth year in a row. By combining the power of Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Entra
solutions with our expertise, we maximize your license investment while providing state-of-the-art
Identity and Access services. Together with Endpoint Management and Endpoint Security services, we
support you on the journey towards the implementation of Zero Trust strategy


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