The advantages of cloud-based SIEM and Azure Sentinel

SIEM that adapts to your IT-environment and the contemporary business-security demands

The standard SIEM working systems need a powerful infrastructure. Therefore, configuring and maintaining a SIEM can be quite challenging. This is especially seen in larger organizations that work in different locations or in organizations with dynamic processes. Enabling the most advanced functionalities to detect safety anomalies is therefore at least time consuming. Paradoxically, experts then tend to allocate more of their time managing SIEM systems, rather than monitor potential incidents.

Microsoft´s cloud-based SIEM system called Azure Sentinel is not limited by infrastructure. The management is easier because it constantly auto-updates. More importantly, the system also offers additional functions.

The massive amount of data from the entire Azure Cloud enables machine learning, bigger AI power, and the implementation of modern security techniques, such as UEBA. Azure Sentinel is therefore more efficient and precise, meaning that there are less false alarms. The organizations are provided with more time for a quality analysis of incidents and more successful cybernetic threat management.

Watch the “Advantages of cloud-based SIEM and Azure Sentinel” webinar, where Jan Češčut and Jakob Premrn, leading experts for Microsoft security solutions, presented Azure Sentinel. You will become familiar with key advantages of the solution and how it improves the security of your business. In the end, you will also see a concrete case of how the solution works with a simulated attack.


Watch the webinar and you will learn about:

  • The key advantages of cloud-based SIEM systems
  • What is the Azure Sentinel solution and how it works
  • How to start using Azure Sentinel
  • Reachability of the solution and pricing, depending on use
  • Which solutions can be integrated with Azure Sentinel (Azure ATP, Office 365…)
  • What are the chances of integrations with other providers´ solutions (Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Amazon…)
  • Key information regarding automatization, UEBA functionalities, and how Azure Sentinel uses machine learning or AI to increase efficiency