Jakob Premrn

Cybersecurity Analyst

Jakob Premrn, CySA+, CCNP, Security+, RHCSA, is a cybersecurity analyst at NIL´s Security Operations Center (SOC). He mostly deals with security incidents. He is an expert for the SIEM, NDR, and EDR tools. He specializes in Microsoft technologies, but he also deals with developing and testing new technologies at SOC.

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The Importance of Identity-Oriented Cybersecurity

Why should you re-focus your cyber defense from on-premises security to identity-oriented security? Read the article and learn how to verify your remote users and...
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Visit of a Security Operations Center (SOC)

SOC 101 In this podcast, we discussed about Cyber Security Operation Centers – so called SOCs. Jakob Premrn, a cyber security analyst at NIL (part...
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Basic Principles of OT Security

The Challenge of Securing Windows 95-Based Devices Industrial environments with their Industrial Control Systems (ICSs) are a special challenge for IT security. They are rigid...
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Industrial Cybersecurity and how to protect OT environments?

The basics of OT security Industrial environments are a special challenge for IT security. What we have noticed so far is that there are many...
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How to be secure from Ransomware?

Ransomware 101 Jakob Premrn, cybersecurity expert at NIL, part of Conscia Group, explains what is Ransomware, why is it so profitable and how to defend...
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How to Stop Ransomware?

Should you pay the ransom? The answer to a million dollar question Some of the most valuable companies today are those that collect, analyze, and...
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Who Are Hackers and What Do They Want?

CyberSec Bites Podcast - Episode #1 Jakob Premrn, Cybersecurity analyst from NIL’s Security Operations Center (SOC) discusses the motives and operations of cybercriminals. What are they after?...
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Cybersecurity Diagnostics: Machine versus Human

Nowadays, machines form an everyday part of our lives. They were invented to ease the daily tasks. Machines and robots can be seen working side-by-side...
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(Un)Secure Microsoft Windows for Free

Protect your Microsoft environment using free built-in features Nowadays, programs and applications that are used contain more and more lines of code, which might contain...
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The advantages of cloud-based SIEM and Azure Sentinel

SIEM that adapts to your IT-environment and the contemporary business-security demands The standard SIEM working systems need a powerful infrastructure. Therefore, configuring and maintaining a...
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