Is the Internet your blind spot?

Microsoft 365 applications and SaaS services monitoring with ThousandEyes

Whether you’re migrating workloads to the cloud, connecting employees to SaaS applications, adopting SD-WAN to improve performance, or managing a remote workforce, you’ll need to rely more on external networks and services outside of your direct control.

To ensure a good digital experience, the IT department needs visibility into the delivery of services all the way from the user – regardless of where they connect – to internal applications hosted in the data center or with cloud providers and external SaaS applications.

With Cisco ThousandEyes Enterprise Agents, you gain insight into application performance so you can proactively detect when something goes down, quickly determine what’s causing it, isolate fault domains, and escalate remediation to the appropriate service provider.

In this webinar, we explained how you can use Cisco ThousandEyes to troubleshoot problems with SaaS services and Microsoft 365 applications. Watch the recording.


  • Kent Heide, Technical Solutions Architect, Conscia Norge
  • Deepak Ravi, Technical Sales Architect, ThousandEyes (Part of Cisco)

Webinar was recorded on September 20, 2022.